Helping a spouse's career

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Most of us know stories about how brilliant career has helped her husband to make his wife.Examples abound: Hillary and Bill Clinton, Elena Baturina and Luzhkov, Shvayner Maria and Arnold Schwarzenegger.Today, to help her husband grow up through the ranks, not to forget about their own success, burying themselves in the kitchen.It was more a question of a "joint venture".

course, always and for all existing recipes career does not exist, but there are some general principles and directions for action.

First , to provide "reliable rear", as it is domostroevskogo it sounds.Psychologists say that a man, a happy marriage, gets the job done much more efficiently the average worker.The more comfortable a person feels at home, the more likely it is to work.

paradox?But is not it true that happiness - "this is where the evening happily go home and work in the morning?"Moreover, the successful career - is not an end in itself, but only one of the parties lives.

Second , even if you yourself do not work, for example, is on maternity leave, do not sit at home all the time.Try to communicate more and make new friends, even if they are related to your interests parent.The wider your circle of friends and female friends, the more likely that some of them may be "useful contacts".Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife belongs to the famous Kennedy family, and she helped her husband for his connections to become governor of California.Perhaps you are not from the royal family, but nobody does not prevent you create a database dating itself, not get her inheritance.

third council be partially connected to the second and first.Try to still be engaged and their own careers.Even if you make a bet on her husband as a man who is likely to succeed, and will bring the main income of the family, it does not mean that your bid is required to play.Do you remember the rule "reliable rear"?Most men want to know that they have "insurance".For some it may be financial savings, but someone's nice to know it for a while may insure his wife.In his work you are again able to expand its own "base Me."And there is another big plus of your career.You will "grow" itself, keeping up with her husband, and perhaps even pushing it.

The last and perhaps the most practical advice .Always be aware of the news of her husband working.Do not rush to give advice, and to listen more.Calling, the husband in most cases he will be able to understand exactly how to do it.And while it will be assumed that it was you who helped him.Not the part of his colleagues.Be sure to meet with them, to maintain friendly relations.Creating even a weak emotional bond with colleagues husband, you can be sure that they will be on your side in the case of "Office Romance", and higher wages to her husband.However, this does not mean that you have to completely let them into his family.Still, the rule of "reliable rear" is a priority ...

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