10 steps to happiness by Louise Hay

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Louise Hay (Louise Hay) - American author of books on pop psychology and the founder of the publishing company Hay House.She has written several books, united by the theme of "self-help", the most famous of which - "You Can Heal Your Life" (1984).The basic idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis book is very simple: it consists in the fact that no one other than ourselves, is not responsible for our own life, success and health.

So 10 steps to happiness by Louise Hay:

1. Stop criticizing. Criticism never let anyone change.Refuse to criticize yourself.Accept yourself exactly as you are.When you criticize yourself, your changes are negative.When you approve of yourself - you are changing positively.

2. Stop bullying themselves terrorize himself by his own thoughts. This is a terrible way to live.Find yourself a way that is pleasing to you (for me - it is yellow roses), and immediately switch from frightening thoughts you to enjoyable.

3. Be generous, kind and patient. Be generous with yourself.Be kind to yourself.Be patient, as you develop a new way of thinking.Treat yourself as a true loved one.

4. Be kind to your mind .Hating yourself - to hate their thoughts.It is not necessary to do so.It is better to change them.

5. Praise yourself. Criticism breaks down the inner spirit.Praise strengthens it.Praise yourself as much as possible.Tell yourself how well you deal with every detail.

6. Keep yourself. Find ways to support yourself.Refer to a friend and let them help you.It is natural to ask for help when you need it.

7. Treat with love for your shortcomings. aware that you have created them to meet some of his needs.Now you are looking for a new positive ways to meet your needs.So gently get rid of old negative behaviors.

8. Take care of your body. Learn to eat right.What food is needed for your body to its optimum energy and vitality?Teach exercise.Which ones bring you pleasure?Gently love and respect the temple in which you live.

9. Work with a mirror.Most look myself in the eye.Take your senses increasing self-love.Looking in the mirror, forgive yourself.Looking in the mirror, talk with your parents and forgive them.At least once a day say to yourself: "I love you. I really love you."

10. Do it now. Do not wait until you will improve things, you will lose weight, find a new job or have forged new relationships.Start now and do your best.

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