How to bake bacon in the oven

Bake brisket in the oven is not very difficult, but in order for it turned out juicy, fragrant and delicious, it is recommended to soak in the marinade.Also, the meat on the bone is best done in the sleeve, otherwise it will be too browned.

brisket, baked in the oven Photo and recipe

Necessary ingredients:

  • peppers - 1 small pinch;
  • average fat mayonnaise - 3 large spoons;
  • whole pork belly - 2-3 kg (can be less or more);
  • large garlic - 2 cloves;
  • Lemon - half;
  • fresh herbs - a small beam;
  • salt - half a spoon;
  • acute ketchup - 1 large spoon;
  • seasoning for meat - to your taste and desire.

The processing of the meat product

Before bake brisket in the oven, it should be carefully handled.To do this, the meat must be rinsed in cold water, then remove from it all unnecessary elements in a variety of wreath, films and veins.The product can be cut into portions of bones.However, the majority of housewives still prefers to bake bacon in the oven whole.This will apply it to the festive table with vegetables on a large platter general.

The process of preparing the marinade

As mentioned above, the belly pork, baked in the oven, a much juicier and more aromatic if it soak in the sauce.To prepare the marinade, you must take a small bowl, put the average back-fat mayonnaise, tomato paste, salt, chopped herbs, grated garlic, seasoning for meat, paprika, and squeeze half a lemon.After that all products should be mixed immediately before they smear treated bacon.

It should be noted that there is no need to wait until the meat marinade soaked, because we will bake in the sleeve, which means that the product, and it will be ready in its own juice.

Formation dishes

To bake bacon in the oven, it should be carefully placed in the culinary sleeve.Then, the bag must be tightly tie and put on a baking sheet or any other cookware.It is recommended to make the upper part of the sleeve punctures small fork or knife to heat treatment in the process it is not vzbuh.

How to bake bacon in the oven

done such a simple, but very tasty dish for 50-55 minutes.But it provided that you put the sleeve with meat in preheated oven.As time passes, bacon should get it in the sleeve, and then make on the surface of a small incision, through which you can enjoy not only the taste, but also on the alert.If the meat is soft, it is required to take out and put in a dish.

correct Serve

bacon made in the oven, it should apply only to the dinner hot and garnish with.To do this, you can make a crumpled potato, steamed vegetables, boiled rice and pasta.It is also worth noting that the stock, which met in the sleeve, can be used as a fragrant gravy.