Chinese painting step by step

Since ancient times, China has remained a distinctive, even regardless of the number of invaders and the influence of cultures of neighboring countries.Rather, it is he has a tremendous impact on them.Chinese painting studied step by step, and in Japan and Korea, and other Asian countries.However, modern man a little tired of the culture of Europe, with its unusual and surreal paintings.Now favor gentle, natural, really beautiful.

Chinese painting steps widely studied courses manicure, because with this technique, you can create beautiful flowers and sometimes even butterflies.Actually, this is the main theme for the drawings.Chinese painting technique is quite simple and possible even for beginners to experts.The only thing that is required - it's a bit of diligence and practice.

Chinese painting technique similar to Petrikov painting using the main basic elements in the creation of entire pictures.However, in the first case, the colors are very natural.

main requirements for this technology:

  • brushes for Chinese painting must be flat, with a flat or beveled edge;
  • should choose colors or contrast, and combined with each other, or dark and light shades of the same color;
  • brushes for Chinese painting should be artificial, sincein the process of natural bristle quickly breaks down due to the significant pressure on the plane;
  • When painting on the hand definitely need good press, even fine lines draw the side surface of the brush;
  • colors on the brush palette usually recruited;
  • on the palette can be mixed thoroughly to form a contiguous line rolling shade;
  • If you type without a color palette, one nap should dip angle in a first color (mid-width of the brush) to be the bottom, and the second - in other color, little toe first paint.

So, Chinese painting steps:

- The first element, which is offered by many professionals - a small arch or rainbow.Do it, pressing the thin edge of the brush to the work surface, then lifting up a little, put the brush across the full width, stretch the top of the arch and roll the brush on the other narrow side.

- The second element - is the same as the previous one, only it is executed in the mirror image horizontally.The result is a tube.It is important to start and finish an element in the same places where the previous one.

- More on the same principle made petals, only to stretch them more.It is possible for this purpose to use a wider brush.

- Another nice effect can be obtained if, holding the brush, making undulating movements.Depending on the smoothness can exit the effect ribbed surface, and light wave.

- After training, you can not try to combine 2, and 3 colors.Here at the tip of one of the colors is a darker shade.So you can get flower petals with a dark midway.

If you have decided that Chinese painting steps - this is a very complicated process, it does not.Elements bit and after you learn how to do the basic, you can experiment with the creation of intricate twists and leaves with thin tips.If desired, all that can be quickly learned.Technique of Chinese painting is the basis for many professionals manicure because of its simplicity and speed of implementation, and thus it has a very beautiful and sophisticated look on all the nails.

But before doing manicure in this style, you must learn the basic strokes make on the paper.Better if it will be tight becausebrush clamp can easily crush the tissue paper.

main colors for the items selected tranquil natural shades, asit obtained them natural and delicate flowers.In addition, paint on necessary moments glitter or bright colors.You can also use glitter, stones and other jewelry, but Chinese painting is so good that even without additions looks amazing.

Good luck in your work and handsome you and your manicure to clients!