How to recognize the ocean missile cruiser "Varyag"

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meeting on the oceans missile cruiser "Varyag", the US military ships semaphore his phrase «You're Looking Good!», Means "looks good!" Forgetting that they face a potential enemy ship, they express admirationthis terrible ship, nicknamed "the killer of aircraft carriers."

Special features of the ship (Project 1164), eight are aimed at an angle up large double container, four on each side.They, of course, not for beauty, each posted Complex "Volcano" P-100.This is a terrible weapon.

volley, which can produce the missile cruiser "Varyag", fatal to the whole squadron, part of a group of aircraft carrying ships."Wolf pack" of eight five-ton missiles hurtling towards this goal, controlled by an electronic brain.As it should be, this "group of friends" has its own leader, giving the team the rest of the seven participants of the attack.That he chooses for himself the biggest goal - the flagship aircraft carrier - and gives instructions where to go to others.In the event of premature death of a major missile command takes the following that this time will be on the highest altitude.Only it's not likely to bring down the aircraft, going at a speed of nearly 3,000 km / h and commit fraudulent maneuvers, it is very difficult.And when you consider that eight of them, and each nuclear warhead ...

missile cruiser "Varyag", the flagship of the Pacific Fleet, built in Odessa for more than thirty years ago.Until 1996 it was called "Red Ukraine".

initial project involved six double launch canisters (three on each side).The intervention of the Admiral Gorshkov has led to a change in the original design in the direction of increasing firepower.The commander of the Navy's impact on the composition and artillery weapons instead of automatic naval gun A-100 on the tank installed double-barreled AK-130.Tonnage increased slightly deteriorated driveability, had to reduce ammunition.As far as all these measures have improved the fighting qualities of the ship, it is difficult to judge, but the fact remains, and today the missile cruiser "Varyag" - one of the most formidable fighting units in the world.

Pacific Fleet had a chance to take part in the campaign to the coast of Somalia (2011).The pirates near the African coast hinder navigation, endangering the safety of merchant seamen.Squadron of several ships headed the missile cruiser "Varyag".Photos of Russian courts are published all publications of the world after their successful operations, which stopped the activity of latter-day buccaneers.Anti complexes in this campaign will not need to use them would be as rational as to shoot from guns on sparrows.But the artillery was very handy.

In 1991, the Ukraine, as well as all the other republics of the USSR ceased to be red.Five years later, the crew offered to give the name of the ship, still celebrated in 1904. Then, during the Japanese war, unconquered Russian cruiser had not dropped Chemulpo St. Andrew's flag and went to the bottom, do not reach the enemy.The feat of the last parade impressed German poet Rudolf Greiz, writing lyrics, which has become the unofficial anthem of the Russian Navy.Proud and expensive name inherited Guards missile cruiser "Varyag", cutting its stem ocean waves in the XXI century.