FMCG-market absorbs this world

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People working in the retail trade, the phrase "market FMCG» repeated several times a day.While many do not fully understand the meaning of this acronym.Fast Moving Consumer Goods - FMCG (fast or the winding consumer goods).Logically, it should be bread, milk, chewing gum, cigarettes, household goods.

Not so simple: the listed products are divided into three groups.Only one of them can be described as a product included in the FMCG-market - is chewing gum and cigarettes.Classic symptoms of goods relating to this sector:

  1. low price.
  2. low margin products.
  3. high frequency of purchases.
  4. Opportunity cause an increase in demand through marketing activities.
  5. short term use.
  6. Impulsive buying decision.

It follows that the appliances are not included in the FMCG-market.For example, a refrigerator: a purchase decision to make informed choice is a long time, the need to purchase arises when old faulty or obsolete.This happens rarely.Bread and milk: each household buys these products daily.But the total amount of purchases of these products can not influence.If a family consumes one loaf of bread a day, no advertising shall not cause eat more.On the decision to buy bread from a specific manufacturer can affect only the quality and the price, half-baked bread will not save any marketing.

foregoing reveals yet another sign of the product included in the FMCG-market: the consumer does not feel it absolutely necessary.In fact, without chewing gum can be dispensed without cigarettes too.After all, from birth until the time when the cigarette has become a necessity, a man well do without nicotine.

The fact that these products have a low profit margin, forcing the manufacturer, having experience in the FMCG, stimulate its growth, using two ways:

  • as widely as possible to inform the final consumer about the importance and need of the goods;
  • make the product as accessible as possible for the end user.

first achieved advertising.It may be obvious advertising: banners, streamers, advertising in the media.Surreptitious advertising (the main character of the series puts a pack of cigarettes - close-up for a split second), invited papers "independent experts" about the use of the goods, other ways to impact on the subconscious mind of the consumer.

second occurs in the struggle for a place on the shelf of the retailer.Here and payment space on a shelf in the area of ​​maximum probability of purchase (as close as possible to the checkout at the eye level of the buyer).At the same time work with a shelf-trained merchandisers, whose task - laying out products on the shelf in accordance with corporate standards and planograms.If the product requires refrigeration prior to use, the manufacturer gives the retailer the retail rental fridge with company logo.

In addition, manufacturers are constantly carrying out actions to promote their brands, FMCG-market does not like to rest on our laurels.Should a producer of sparkling water to reduce marketing efforts, he immediately loses market share.In the course is and neurolinguistic programming sales staff: a person engaged in the sale of once well-known brand of sparkling water, never drink water competitor.