Wholesale trade - is an important element in any economy

The market is not static, it is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the population.Wholesale - an activity of sale of goods to services to those who buy them for resale or further use (sewing, recycling).It is an essential link in ensuring the acceleration of the whole process of trade turnover in the market.Production moves through distribution channels, there is a synchronization of production and consumption.

role of the state

One of the main economic problems of any country is the restructuring of the wholesale trade, which contributes to the development of small business.Experts note that in recent years reduced the volume of big turnovers.Therefore, another important task which - to stop the decline of these operations.Storage facilities need to be rebuilt.We must build new premises with modern equipment, to restore and reconstruct the places of storage of goods, which are already in force.Public policy solves another important problem, which depends on trade.This development and the

improvement of the competitive environment, avoiding monopoly, promotion of domestic products.

functions wholesales

In a market this type of trade plays a different role.Regarding those who supply goods, are the following functions:

- Marketing services.

- Concentration and business development.

- Investment maintenance of the goods turnover.

- Reducing business risk.

- The transfer of ownership on the products.

relatively small retail business organizations to allocate other tasks to solve trade.These are the features:

- Delivery of products.

- Storage and stockpiling.

- Assessment of demand.

- Convert existing assortment (production) in trade.

- Consulting, information service.

- Lending to companies engaged in retail sales.

Some features

Wholesale - it is a large network of organizations with different forms of ownership.Her improvement not only creates conditions for reforms, but also contributes to the stability of the market consumption.The efficiency of trade depends on the wholesalers.Even with a big capital producers often spend the money on to develop the production, rather than sales organization.Retailers offering customers a wide range of products, typically purchase from a particular party wholesaler rather than parts from different companies.It is believed that the most important is the wholesale trade of goods associated with the supply of shops and a wide range of complex.Businesses that manufacture products profitable to sell all the big parties without any additional sorting for particular queries.Not every large company there are facilities and people to transform the range from industry to trade.Output in this situation - service wholesale.

Special attention is given food wholesale.It's a tough business, as it relates to risk management is based on knowledge of the volatile market conditions.You should be able to make decisions quickly.People who are engaged in such activities should be aware of the math to be a good organizer.The advantage is that quality as the ability to bargain.It should be noted that trade in food products - a time-consuming activity, it requires non-normalized working day, often have to work on weekends and holidays.If managers are lazy, it could face bankruptcy.In the case of liquidation there is a risk of large losses, as products which are not implemented quickly deteriorate.They are sold at bargain prices, or discarded.

Wholesale is of great importance in the system associated with sales.It creates channels through which the goods are sent to the intermediate and end-users.