How to make jam from green walnuts?

To make jam from green walnuts, you need to stock up on great strength of will and patience.It is a sweet product is ready for 4-5 days, often deters than housewives who wish to indulge in the winter my family this unusual dessert.For those who are not afraid of difficulties, we present a detailed recipe for an amazing and delicious jam from unripe walnuts.

Necessary ingredients:

  • sand sugar - 2 kg;
  • walnuts (green, with unformed shell) - 1.5 kg, or 80 pcs .;
  • citric acid - just 10 grams (half - to remove bitterness when boiling, half - in itself jam);
  • vanilla sugar - 5 g (optional);
  • drinking water - only 2.5 liters (2 liters to remove bitterness when boiling and 0.5 liters for a sweet syrup).

Features selecting a main ingredient

Jam from green walnuts should be made only after one is completely gone, all the bitterness.Because otherwise, this dessert is simply impossible to eat.Requires take 1.5 kg nuts lactic ripeness.They should be large enough to gather them is recommended before the start of the third decade of June.It was during this period that the product has an immature crust, which is ideal for further conservation.

process of soaking the main ingredient

To make jam from green walnuts, you need to pour all the collected product in a colander and wash it thoroughly with warm water.After that, they want to put in a large enamel basin, which then should be filled with ordinary drinking water.Change it to a fresh desirable to 4 times a day.Nuts recommended to soak for 4-5 days.During this time they completely lose their bitterness and become suitable for cooking tasty and healthy dessert.

It is worth noting that some housewives still at risk and make jam from green walnuts without long soaking (1 or 2 days).But we recommend not to do, because it is very sorry to throw away such a useful product.

The processing of the main ingredient

jam green nuts should be done only from the purified product.For this otmochennye ingredients required to separate from the skin surface using a knife and peeling.Further, they should be put in a pot, add to 2 liters of water and 5 g of citric acid.This solution is recommended nuts boil for at least 20 minutes.The product should be cast away in a colander, thus ridding it of all excess liquid.

final stage in the preparation

jam from green walnuts, which is undeniable benefits in the fight against all colds and iodine deficiency, it is advisable to do a small amount of sugar.For this purpose the dishes requires pour 0.5 liter of drinking water and 2 kg of sweet spices.Further, the syrup must be ready to shell out a little boiled walnuts and boil them another 9-12 minutes.After that, the pan should cover the paper or gauze, and after 12:00 Jam recommended again boil for half an hour.Then, it is required to add a little citric acid and vanillin, and then pour the product must be sterilized jars and good roll.