How to freeze berries?

How to freeze berries that it pleased us, and in the winter?It is no secret that the freeze can be almost anything.The question is whether we do it?Often, the hostess just strawberries packed in bags and pushed into the freezer.What will happen next month - is unknown.How to freeze berries, so it has retained the best of their useful properties, this article will tell.Read it carefully and never repeat the technical mistakes in the frozen products.

How to freeze berries?

Save in your kitchen a piece of sunny summer - is not it wonderful?Now we are not talking about a simple canning.We all know that the taste of canned and pickled foods varies considerably.How to freeze berries for the winter to keep their original flavor and all the vitamins?First, open your freezer and make sure there is space.Do not try to hold the berries go where they are not physically fit.You just crush them and spoil the product.It is strictly forbidden to put the vegetables, fruits and berries near meat.It is very well absorb odors.What kind of frozen berries - it is not so important.Someone loves strawberries or raspberries, while others try to keep cherries or cherries.Before freezing importantly - thoroughly rinse each berry individually.But if, for example, your overripe raspberries or limp, better not to touch it and leave it as is.

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Berry then let dry naturally.To freeze berries maximum quality, you have to package it correctly.Choose thick transparent bags and stack them raspberries, strawberries or cherries in small portions.When you want to enjoy the gifts of the summer, you do not have to defrost and spoil immediately all the berries.Incidentally, in the stores sell special packages just for frozen berries.If you are in some doubt, use them.Another important point - never try to freeze the unripe fruit.They are very few vitamins, and taste properties often leave something to be desired.All the stalk and leaves must be removed before you start to package fruit.Thus, after the defrost you will not have to conduct any operations or purification processing of berries.

Some points and tips

Now there are special freezers for storage of fruits and berries.However, not all are there.If your refrigerator is not very power to begin with berries spread out on the bottom of the camera in a single layer.When they are a little "grab" and harden, shift them into bags and then place in the freezer.You may be surprised, but the optimum temperature for storage of fruits and berries in the home is minus twenty degrees.Most household freezers are not able to maintain such a low temperature.On average, at minus five degrees berries "live" no more than three months.On the other hand, it is not so little.The main thing that they waited out the cold autumn and winter.And then the new juicy fruit will ripen!