How to cook cakes with strawberries?

Fragrant homemade cakes is sure to collect all close to the table.No matter what type of test you use, the main thing - to cook them with love.Then turn out the best cakes with strawberries.The recipe can be selected from several offered in the article.A little experimentation - and you will succeed.

puff pastry with strawberries

To prepare you need four cups of flour, two packages of butter, a glass of water, egg, four hundred grams of strawberries, half a cup of sugar, half a spoon of starch, a tablespoon of powdered sugar and salt to taste.Cakes with strawberries can be done from the finished puff pastry, but if you have time and desire, it is best to try to cook it at home.To do this, sift the flour, add the salt and oil, rub your hands all into crumbs.Add a cup of water and knead the dough.The resulting mixture, wrap film and leave for a day.The finished dough roll out and cut into rectangles.Wash and cut fruit, mix the sugar and starch.Put the dough into rectangles stuffing, sprinkle with sugar and form cakes with strawberries rolls.Carefully Pinch edges to the juice flowing.Put the workpiece on a greased baking sheet, brush with egg and send it in a preheated up to two hundred degree oven and bake for about a quarter hour.Ready slightly cooled cakes can be sprinkled with powdered sugar.It's time to serve the dish to the table and fragrant brew tea.

Berry pie

If you do not have time to sculpt a piece cakes with strawberries, it is possible to prepare a single pie.To prepare the dough will need two hundred and fifty grams of flour, one hundred grams of sugar, half a spoon of baking powder, four tablespoons of vegetable oil, seven tablespoons of cold water and salt.For the filling ingredients are needed: half a kilo of strawberries, forty grams of brown sugar and a tablespoon of vanilla sugar, a couple of tablespoons of starch.Sift flour with baking powder, add the sugar, pour the vegetable oil and water.Knead the dough, wrap it with a bowl with cling film and store in the cold for an hour.Chilled dough into larger and smaller parts.The one that more roll in the not too thin layer using a rolling pin.Distribute the form, leaving the bumpers.Put the strawberries in a bowl with water, rinse and pat dry.Put the berries in the base of the cake and sprinkle with sugar and starch.Roll out the smaller piece of cake, cover with stuffing.If desired, the dough can be cut into strips and shelter stuffing beautiful bars.Coat the surface of the pie with vegetable oil or beaten egg and sprinkle with sugar or powdered.In the test, the top need to make some cuts that during the preparation of them could leave the berries produced in pairs.Preheat the oven to hundred and eighty degrees, put it in the pie and bake for about fifty minutes.Once the pastry has cooled slightly, it can be served.Such a sweet treat will look great on a festive table.