How to cook barbecue sturgeon

for cooking barbecue on nature usually use different types of meat and all kinds of pickles.The process of marinating is often time-consuming, and the idea of ​​roasting pork or lamb on a fire already become boring so that became dull.So you can prepare for a variety of sturgeon shashlik.It does not take long to marinate and the refined taste of fish will allow to diversify the menu.


Cooking fish is very different from cooking meat on the fire.The fact that the sturgeon is a very sensitive product, which worldwide is considered a delicacy, so do not interrupt its taste different spices.All recipes telling how to cook shashlik from sturgeon, recommended not only to reduce the use of spices, and the heat treatment.Here are various subtleties of culinary art, allowing to reveal the taste of food in all its splendor.


need for preparation:

  • sturgeon fillet - 1 kg;
  • Lemon - 1 pc;
  • pepper to taste;
  • salt to taste;
  • onions - 2 pcs.

Preparing fish marinades and features

This stage is the most responsible.The fact that sturgeon meat has the form of wavy fibers.Therefore, it is necessary to form slitting small pieces that can be strung on a skewer, without destroying the structure.It should be borne in mind that the marinade for barbecue sturgeon can greatly soften the fibers and make the process of roasting is very difficult.To avoid this, many chefs recommend to maintain the fish sauce in one piece, although in this recipe to produce better cuts at once, because the marinade will be easy and will not damage the structure of the product.


cut into fillets spread in a container and allowed to stand for ten minutes.To sturgeon shashlik was bland, add to it a little salt and pepper.Top spread chopped onion rings, which is filled with lemon juice.As such, the fish marinate for about ten minutes, you can add a little rosemary and seasoning for fish.However, the best sturgeon shashlik cook with a minimum amount of spices.


After marinate the fish, put it neatly on wooden sticks, which will serve as the rotisserie.Fry it must be on the coals, which have already ceased to burn and began to be covered with white ash.It is worth noting that the process should not take long.It is not necessary to prepare a dish to the purchase of the crust, as in frying meat.It is enough to fry just five minutes on each side, the fish turned out juicy and acquired taste.Some believe that a sturgeon shashlik get wet, but in fact it comes to the condition due to the previously specified temperature, and during prolonged frying the meat will dry and tasteless.


to the table, this dish is served directly on the skewer.When applying, you can use the cream sauce and herbs.Such kebab well suited light white wine or dry vermouth pink.As a side dish is usually used roasted vegetables on a fire or boiled rice.