Nikolai Agurbash: science and business as the best complement each other

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Agurbash Nikolay G. is one of the most prominent Russian businessmen.It is home to the Donetsk region, and date of birth, official sources referred 05/25/1954.Men are more likely always associate with the creation of "Mortadel", whose president he is.

Since the company is engaged in the creation and sale of deli meats and other products, he is often credited with the ironic title "The Sausage King".The success of the business is largely driven by Nicholas his education.He holds the title of Doctor of Economics.

since 1998 and 2001 Nikolai Agurbash was named manager of the Russian Federation.This title he received in the contest, which was conducted by the Federation Council of Russia, International Academy of Management and VEOR.In 2010, he was in fourth place in the list of the best business leaders according to the newspaper "Kommersant".His nomination is concerned the production of consumer goods.

childhood and early years

Nationality businessman - Greek, despite the fact that he was born in the Donetsk region, in the small village of Yalta.His childhood enthusiasm touched boxing, football and other sports.In the army he was to serve in the military district of the Far East.Even then he could make a career, starting their way to private and rising to the rank sergeant.1983 marked an important stage in the life of Nicholas.Agurbash graduated from Moscow State University.Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Economics.

Career growth

1991 - the date of protection of the master's future entrepreneurs.His pulpit - with the economy / x at MSU.2006 - doctoral thesis, which is made Nikolai Agurbash.In 2014 he meets as Academician of RA entrepreneurship.Today he is also a member of the International Academy of Management.At the time, the future businessman held a high chief economist at the Department of Statistics agropromkompleksa Goskomsat RSFSR.Then he was the chief of the Main Economic Planning, which refers to the non-chernozem zone of the RSFSR.

Home business

successful businessman today, telling about the history of the business, says that in the 80 years it was difficult to choose the right path.He did not know that the longer it attracts business, science or post in the civil service.However, the man decided to end his career and the start of classes in commerce.He opened his own business in 1991.May 21 - the date of birth of the company "Mortadel", which is located in the Moscow region.This village in the region of Nagorno-Pushkin.

merits and awards

Agurbash Nikolay today especially kind to the patronage.He does a lot for the Russian Orthodox Church, which was noted by the award to him in 2004 a special award.It is a sign of the patriarchal third degree named Daniel of Moscow.4 years later he was awarded the Order of the Russian Orthodox Church and.This sign is also the third degree, but it is dedicated to Saint Prince Vladimir Equal to the Apostles.

is Agurbash and director of special fund, which helps talented young people.Each year, thanks to the work of this organization several promising teenagers from suburban schools receive higher education.Nikolai Agurbash state has a very large, which allows him to engage in charity, without prejudice to running your own business.

Marriages and divorces

principled and despotic men in business brought him perfectly brilliant results.But this is not the personal life of the entrepreneur.The family does not tolerate democracy and equality.The first wife of Nikolai Agurbash, Olga Zaitseva, withstood married to him for more than two decades.The result of a joint life became four children.However, the union was not the only married tycoon.Despite the rumors, the couple parted on a friendly note.

reason for the gap of many years of marriage was a meeting with Nikolai talented, young, attractive singer.Belarusian girl Lika Yalinskaya had no musical education.Agurbash Nikolay married the girl and gave her own name.Spouse actively engaged in producing professional women, and on the Russian stage she appeared under the name of Angelica.The young singer performed in 2005 on the international stage, in the popular contest "Eurovision", which it has not brought victory.

However, this whim cost the couple Nicholas 5 million.In marriage, they had a son of Anastas.In addition, a child born in 2004, provided Agurbash and two other children of the singer, born previously from other men.However, in 2012, after about ten years of marriage, the couple divorced.It was much discussion and relished all the media, the echoes of which have survived to this day.

personal life and business today Nikolai Agurbash

now known another couple.It Nikolai Agurbash and Olga Pominova, which is deputy branch "Sberbank" in the Queen.In 2013 they had a daughter named Jeanne.

With regard to the development of business vector, today Nikolai G. attracted new profitable project.Even as a child entrepreneur passionately fond of pigeons.However, it failed to bring him an income.Under the leadership of Nicholas Agurbash today is a center dealing with tribes-breeding types of work.This project is called "Nikolaev doves."According to experts, at the moment this is the only center in the world that has such a broad scale, rich, professional and innovative equipment and can expect to receive unique results.