Vadim Dimov: biography, personal life, photo

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this famous Russian businessman, and perhaps its products known to many in our country.Vadim Dimov - a successful businessman.He owns factories producing sausages, bookshops, a restaurant chain, ceramic production.

How it all began

Vadim Dimov G. (real name Zasipkin) was born in the distant city of Ussuriisk, which is located in the coastal region, in 1971.He graduated in 1988 Suvorov Military School in his native city, and then the Higher Military School in Donetsk.Also, in 1999 he graduated from State University, received the profession of lawyer.In the second year I have worked in the court, but quickly realized that Law was not for him and decided to start their own business.

Company "Ratimir»

their business Vadim Dimov, whose biography could have been different, started in the Far East.In 1997, he, along with Alexander Trush - his friend and partner - created the company "Ratimir."It should be noted that it is now one of the leading and most successful in the Far East.

Company "Dimov»

Inspired by first success, in 2001, Vadim Dimov has created his own company in Moscow.I must say that it very quickly took its place in the Moscow market, which did not take many aspiring businessmen.The company "Smokes" could compete with more famous productions.


Vadim Dimov has successfully worked in Moscow, but the metropolis tired him, and he decided to buy in Suzdal old, but pretty solid house with a real Russian stove, decorated with well-preserved tiles.After a while Vadim pointed out that in the city throughout the year is a lot of tourists, no souvenir ceramics engaged in the Russian style.

While there was a workshop for the construction of a new company, Vadim Dimov for students of the local art school announced a competition for the reconstruction of ancient Suzdal style.He managed to find high-skilled potters.He was a man who could be trusted to manage the new venture.Today, the company "Suzdal ceramics" produces original dishes and tiles for famous restaurateurs, designers and lovers of hand-made.Employees of the company managed to gather a unique collection of samples.Some of them belong to the fifteenth century.

«Suzdal ceramics" today

Nowadays workshop Dimov was a real attraction of the ancient city.Once, during a trip to Russia in the studio looked England's Prince Mike Kent.What he saw startled him so much that he invited Vadim to open a store in London, and even promised to assist in this matter.But on this score Vadim Dimov has their own opinion, he was adamant that he was the first store to open in Moscow.


In 2006, our hero opened his first bookstore "Republic".It was created on the European model.Smokes plans to open a chain of stores.

«Dymov № 1»

In the same 2006 a successful entrepreneur acquainted with the famous Moscow restaurateur.One year later, the new partners to open a chain of beer restaurants.It was called "Smokes number 1".They can be pleasant and comfortable to spend time with good friends, if you want to order a semi-finished meat dishes, such as marinated kebab.All that takes a talented businessman becomes an original and exclusive.

Vadim Dimov: personal life

Nearly seven years ago, met a businessman at work beautiful Eugene.They were united by a love of music.Civilian Vadim Dimov wife bore him a son.They have not yet formalized their relationship, but it is unlikely someone will be able to name Dimov bachelor.This pair of wonderfully harmonious, and even all the friends of the family say that Vadim - a great father.

Junior Smokes

Andrey Dymov only six years old, but he goes to an English school, and dreams of becoming a football player dressed like his dad, who last year became the most powerful man in the business.Vadim with his son and with the ball in his hands can often be seen in Krylatskoye, not far from the store "Smokes".They are often involved in sports, cycling and just strolling.


Vadim Dimov - a great lover of fast driving.He knows a lot about motorcycles and skiing.These sports are consistent with his character and help keep yourself in good physical shape.Likes "sick" of football.Often he travels to England for the matches of their favorite team, "Liverpool".Playing electric guitar has its own music band.He collects old Soviet tape, vinyl records, is interested in the works of the artist Mayorov.Lots of enthusiasm and reading.Basically, it is a history book.Twice a month, likes to relax at his dacha in Suzdal.The food nepriveredliv, but recognizes that eat a lot of sausage.He likes it in any form: boiled, fried, baked.


Vadim hopes that in the near future he will be able to make a documentary.It should be about our country and the people living in it.