"Open Society": decoding of abbreviations

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The Russian business has broad popular abbreviation "JSC".Deciphering it simple and straightforward most of the townsfolk.There are however aspects of doing business in the framework of the organizational-legal form.

What does the abbreviation "JSC"?

Using abbreviations - standard international practice, not bypassed Russia party and.Documentologists, businessmen and ordinary inhabitants of our country every day faced with various letter abbreviations, among them one of the most popular - "Open Society".Explanation of the abbreviations is simple - "Open Joint Stock Company".This term refers to the legal form of the company (one of several popular, along with the "Company", "ODO", "Company", provided by the laws of Russia).

Business, can thus be carried out in one of these statuses.Between these legal forms there are many differences.Take the most important.The "of" shareholders have the right to give a share in the company for the benefit of other persons, it does not agree with the collection of other holders of securities.The "Company" priority in the sale of shares owned in the first place participants in society, and then to third parties.In the case of "Company" and "ALC" work with securities, has properties similar to shares, is not conducted at all.The relationship between the shareholders and the procedure of cashing the money earned will be quite different.

«Bank»: bank term

Along with many abbreviations, taking place in the business and legal circulation in Russia, there is a combination of letters, as the battery.It is easy to notice that it is characteristic mainly for financial institutions.

most often given the abbreviation used in cases when it comes to the official spelling of their names, as in the case of a combination of letters "of.""CRA" (transcript in the most common sense - "Joint-Stock Commercial Bank") - an abbreviation that can mean completely different businesses.

«Bank»: alternative interpretations

There are some variants of the interpretation of the letter combinations "association of credit brokers" (organizations and entrepreneurs engaged in mediation in obtaining loans) or the "Agency of corporate security" (staffing or outsourcing structure, whose tasks- to carry out protection activities, work to protect business information and other related functions).It is important, therefore, not to make a mistake in deciphering the letters "battery", which may indicate types of commercial entities related to a variety of areas.

«LLC" and "Open Society" as a popular form of doing business

very high prevalence in the Russian business practices have two abbreviations.This is due to the simplicity of the business registration under the two legal forms: limited liability company and the joint stock company - a transcript of "Company" and "of", respectively.Consider a little more detail the features of these two types of enterprises."Company" - a society (almost always created with a view to profit, that is, commercial), which is working on the basis of the statute.He has the capital, which is divided between the founders of the business in specified proportions.Founders "LLC" is limited (maximum 50 people).

«of» (deciphering acronyms, by the way, is almost always required in the preparation of commercial contracts) - a form of enterprise in which the authorized capital is divided into shares - securities that belong to the participants.They can be without the consent of the other owners of shares in the company to sell or transfer (give) any other persons.To open the "Company", is enough to have 10 thousand. Rubles for the share capital.Register "of" will require a total of 10 times greater.

«Russian railways" as an example of the brand in the form of "OAO»

perhaps familiar to every Russian abbreviation of "Russian Railways".Deciphering it simple - Open Joint Stock Company "Russian Railways".The history of this company, one of the largest passenger rail carriers in the world.In modern legal form of the company it was registered only in 2003, but in fact its activities began during the time of the Russian Empire.

first railroads of the country controlled by the Ministry of Communications, founded in 1865, and with the formation of the People's Commissariat of the USSR appeared, regulating issues on the development of rail traffic.Peak load indicators of railways of the country were recorded in 1988, but almost immediately began the economic problems associated with the restructuring.In the 90 years of the beginning of the work of the Ministry of Railways is now the Russian Federation.In the early 2000s, it was approved by the government program of reform of the railways, in which was established the state company "Russian Railways" in its present form.

«JSC" - what you need big business

In the ranks of giant companies gained the most popularity this organizational legal form, as "of".Explanation of abbreviations, perhaps not even need a simple man in the street - so it is clear the combination of letters and distributed.The popularity of "OAO" among large businesses due to the fact that in the present status of the company is easier than, say, in the form of "Company" or "LLC" to attract investment capital.The most notable nuances of functioning "of" in the following.We have already noted that the main tool works with a profit of joint stock companies - are securities, and "of" their owners can treat them as they wish, without the consent of other members.

also important to note that the "of" may hold a public sale of shares on stock exchanges, which is impossible when working in the status of "Company."An important condition for doing business in an open joint stock company - annual publication reporting on accounting, gains and losses.If the understanding of what "of" transcript, in principle, is not necessary, for the study of the actual operation of enterprises in the legal form of human interests have thoroughly immersed in the analysis of the published documents.