Accompanying document management risks

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any "civilized" organization seeks to organize your paperwork well, as far as possible take all reasonable and available measures to protect documents from unwanted intrusion by unauthorized persons.What is it about?

Everyone knows that the document bears the risks involved on the part of third parties.They are quite a lot.Pay attention to the most significant and widespread.Accompanying document management risks is:

  1. risks of disclosure of confidential information
  2. risks substitute documents

risks of disclosure of confidential information

confidential information in this context should be understood in the broadest sense of the word, namely, how the information referred toRestricted category.The importance of confidential information by the fact that on this issue there is a fairly extensive legal base.

Here are just some of the laws, partially or fully regulate this area:

  1. Federal Law of 29.07.2004 N 98-FZ "On Commercial Secrets" (trade secrets).
  2. Federal Law of 27.07.2006 N 152-FZ "On Personal Data" (personal data).
  3. Federal Law of 02.12.1990 N 395-1 "On Banks and Banking Activity" (banking secrecy).
  4. Federal Law of 31.05.2002 N 63-FZ "On Advocacy and the Legal Profession in the Russian Federation" (attorney secrets).

Accompanying document management risks are very often found in business.It is something like a "production costs", without which it can not do, but that is possible to control and "drive" within reasonable limits.Otherwise, it may simply not good impact on the business as a whole.

disclosure of any confidential information may lead to very tangible losses for the company.Top Threats are negligent employees and the theft of information.To prevent this, it is recommended to carry out paperwork for the company introduced strict rules that you set for yourself on your own.For example, you can use some fixing of transmission and location of each contract to the company or to enter and mandatory personal responsibility for the safety and accounting of contracts and the procedure for dealing with them.It is useful to conduct the enterprise of systematic checks on the availability of appropriate agreements.In any case, the need for strict requirements for the storage of contracts and licensing system to access them, without which the preservation of the documents is difficult to imagine.

risks substitute documents

most vulnerable, in my opinion, this issue is, of course, agreements, the documents are the legal basis for carrying out business transactions in accounting and tax accounting.

Most litigation on the issue of falsification of documents, namely the contract of substitution, could have been avoided if the parties in the contract have taken a number of simple measures to protect it from interference by third parties.

newest information technologies, oddly enough, allow, on the one hand to protect the documents from their substitution, the other - to make this substitution on a high, professional level.And that's a fact.Moreover, if to be honest, no one will give you absolute protection, but it does not mean that we should not take any reasonable action to protect documents.Of course, not!In particular, contracts, since they (not including the primary) is most often exposed to this.

can apply various techniques and methods of substitute documents.First, pay attention to the old, time-tested means for the protection of documents from the substitution.Do not neglect them.They are effective and at the same time simple.

Here are some of them:

  • Signing sides of each sheet of the contract.
  • Sewing contract.
  • use special paper for contracts.

best option protection agreement is a combination of various methods.

Following this methodology at the conclusion dogovorov- is not a formality or a passing fad.The Russian business environment is an absolute must.Even the simple signing of the agreement the parties each sheet provides enough protection from contract substitution.

In addition, you can use modern technology.They, despite their apparent complexity, provide a huge opportunity to modern business.For example, the use of seals in the contracts with the latent image - a vivid example.I can say without exaggeration - is one of the best ways to protect yourself from scams.The essence of it is that kind of a latent image is stamped on the contract, usually in the most press.The usual image of the eye is not visible, it does not help, and special devices such as a magnifying glass, etc.The latent image can only be seen through a special, so-called "test pattern", which is only at the master print.This kind of "key" that defines the identity of the seal.

risks of disclosure of confidential information and the risks of substitution of documents - are not the only document management related risks, but the most common and can be easily adjusted.

In this context, ways to protect contracts from third party interference enough, but their effectiveness for this is manifested in their complex application, taking into account the place, time and the importance of the transaction.