Shocking tapestries of the photos that do not show my mom

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naked or half-naked picture of a young girl, photographing themselves by mobile phone, is slowly but surely becoming the new cliché of modern pop culture, a kind of antithesis of what is called good taste.However, these are the images of the Brooklyn artist Erin M. Riley uses when creating his tapestry, combining ancient art and chaotic stream of juvenile expression, cracking down on us from the social networks and Instagrama.

Riley first met weaving business while studying at art college.This is not typical for a contemporary artist format she works for about ten years, developing and improving their own creative style.Erin is building plots of his works around the image, which you can stumble in Snapchat, or photos that were removed from the phone the morning after a casual connection: "I take photos of used condoms, photos that are sent to friends, photos, tables parties, liquids and substances,which define an event. "

The artist explains that imprinted on the tapestry, the time that otherwise would have been ignored or shamefully erased from the memory, acquires permanence.

course, this subject to many may seem inappropriate or even offensive.But Riley emphasizes that it is not motivated by desire for shocking, but the desire to understand the feelings and emotions that are in varying degrees all experienced, but which are usually suppress and hush.

«I often talk to people who see my work have become more aggressive and outspoken, or, conversely, restrained.I'm always ready for a creative change, because they are often caused by changes in my personal life.On the one woman I spoke several times on the topics that it would not become to discuss with their children.I talked about the candid photos, which send each other teens, his father and two of his offspring, who apparently already know a lot about these things.I turn to the subject of drugs, not in order to show that the drink itself, but because it is a problem faced by my family members. "

Whatever it was, it's hard to remain unmoved at the thought of the amount of time the artist spent on each stitch, hunched over the loom in order to perpetuate the image of the perineum or glass bong with Hello Kitty.Her works create a space for intense and serious discussion.Or you can just sit back on the couch and admire, wince or laugh, seeing it work.

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