Business risk is primarily responsible

industrial and commercial activity always carries certain risks.Of course, executives, entrepreneurs are responsible for the decisions taken.Therefore it is always necessary to take into account the savings in financial and material resources.It should be carefully calculations for projects and transactions.This rule is especially significant during the financial crisis, high inflation, large loans.

Business risk - is ...

case of errors in calculations, management decided to develop projects do not generate profits, on the contrary, the company incurs losses.This is the result of the entrepreneurial risk.Divide it can be three components: investment, financial and industrial.

Business risk - this is an error, the effects of which are expressed:

  • full stop of the enterprise;
  • non-receipt of raw materials for production;
  • in the risk of non-realization or partial realization of manufactured products (lack of demand for services);
  • untimely or complete failure to receive cash flows from product distributors;
  • risk in return made and sold products;
  • in the risk of non-compliance with the provision of loans, investments and loans;
  • in bankruptcy of the institution, company, firm, and its partners and suppliers.

types of business risks

Classics fundamental science as the basis of classification put many signs.But entrepreneurial risk - a concept that requires the most accurate definition of its species.Therefore considered to be thorough three types of risk.These include:

  1. enterprise;
  2. accounts;
  3. cash.

Business risk - this is the danger of the circumstances, the company stops operating, if invested personal funds (finance).

creditor risk - is the risk of non-repayment of borrowed funds.Such a situation may arise as a result of the bankruptcy of the borrower, both intentional and unintentional.

Monetary risk - the risk of depreciation of the money supply.That is always more profitable to lend tangible assets.

Business risk - it is a direct correlation of profit.For example, buying short-term bonds, do not look for quick capital gains.On the contrary, the usual event that has the smallest degree of security, is highly capitalized.

Area entrepreneurial risk

order to develop ways to emerge from bankruptcy to some extent, to manage business risks, you need to understand what areas of risk the enterprise is located.They are usually divided into four main:

  1. risk-free;
  2. acceptable risk;
  3. crisis;
  4. disaster.

The first area is the nature of the lack of losses, bringing the normative operation profits, there is no loan capital.

second area suggests that the loss of tolerance compared with a profit, the company's operations remain viable in the market and in the financial sense.

third - expected losses exceed the potential profit.Entrepreneurial activity leads to bankruptcy.

Area disaster.The name speaks for itself.Losses exceeding the level of the crisis and make the cost of the enterprise.