How to open a cafe with zero?

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own cafe - it is a profitable business, common in our country.But just having the desire and the initial capital, a tough and long job.From this material you will learn how to open a coffee shop from scratch.


First of all, it is necessary to find space for the cafe.It should be in the center of town or in a busy area.The main thing that was not there the competition, otherwise expect a good profit is not necessary.

room must comply with all safety requirements.It exception of rodents and insects.Windows reliable, sturdy door.The size of the room depends on the variety of cafes.At the initial stage it is to open a small catering, and further expand it.


The second step in how to open a cafe with zero - paperwork.We'll have to visit the tax office, Pension Fund, as well as to register a business as a legal form.Next, you will be tested in Rospotrebnadzor, fire supervision, and other services.The room must fully comply with all requirements.

before opening the café from scratch, you need to get all the necessary documents.At this point accuracy is important.If there is at least one paper, the café at the first check will close, and the owner will fall under the administrative responsibility.

Purchase of equipment

What do I need to open a cafe - this equipment.First we need to equip the kitchen.At the first stage it will be enough a hob, oven, sink and table.In the room for visitors is to set TV or audio system, as well as the bar.It is not necessary at the outset to buy a full set of equipment.We'll have to spend a lot of money that can not be justified in the future.

will need to purchase tables and chairs, as well as the necessary equipment for supplying and cooking.Crockery, cutlery, glasses and more need to purchase small quantities.The main thing that it was all in abundance.


next step in how to open a coffee shop from scratch - it is to choose the staff.It needs to cook, bartender and waiters.In the future, you can hire a manager, but the first time it is better to independently perform the job, to personally supervise the work of staff.Hired staff should have sufficient experience and knowledge, so as not to scare the first visitors.

Attracting customers

How to open a cafe with zero and to attract visitors?It is necessary to organize advertising.You can initially offer customers a discount on certain dishes or drinks.Or make a price reduction in the morning.To do it right, it is necessary to appeal to advertisers, which helps untwist institution.

you said to yourself: "I want to open a cafe!" Now we need to start looking for money.For the organization of the small places, you will need about one million rubles.And this is a large sum for the average citizen of the country.And do not forget to create in the cafe a particular design that will appeal to visitors of all ages.