How to celebrate the birthday fun at the camp?

All children love to relax in country health camps.However, many of them are upset when the birthday falls on a shift.The solution in this situation can become a Birthday celebration in the camp, when a happy holiday is organized for all the guys who have a birthday fell on the year change.

Preparing for the holiday

main thing, without which can not do none of celebration - it's tasty treats.To treat the whole party have to offer parents bring sweets or cakes in advance.Next to Birthday celebration in the camp was a special occasion, you should think about decorating group.To do this, you can draw beautiful posters with congratulations from all the guys.You can also inflate a few colorful balloons and decorate his room, where a celebration will be organized.Birthdays will be very pleased to see that it was in honor of their children prepare these ornaments and posters.

Birthday celebration in the camp: the script

start of the holiday to be with each birthday congratulations.You can advance to learn the children to come up with an original song or dance.If you allow the availability of technology, it is possible to remove the film funny greeting, in which each child can say something nice for birthday.The following offer children treats that are brought by parents.After the guys eat, is to organize fun games or competitions.They can carry out on the street or directly in the room, if space permits.

contest "Daisy»

Remember that children love to move, scream and shout.Therefore, to the day of the birthday in the camp was fun, be sure to include in the game and allow the children to make noise than usual.For this competition you will need to make advance chamomile, each petal is painted funny tasks for children (jumping on one leg, repeat the tongue twister, promyaukat under the table, eat candy, and so on).Children alternately pull tab and perform tasks.

Competition "Mysterious Planet»

The children are invited to create their own planet.To this end, each participant issued by balloons and crayons.At the signal, children must quickly inflate the balloon and "settle" their planet humans.The player who draws a bead on his most men.

game "Find and Call»

Kids can find objects in the room, which begin with the same letter as the name of the heroes of the occasion.For example, Sasha looking words with the letter "a" (a glass salad bowl, wall, chair), Katya - the words of the letter "a" (a stone, a book, a chair, baby).The winner in the Birthday celebration in the camp party, who called the greatest number of words per letter.

Game "Jolly Zoo»

This game can be organized on the day of the birthday boy in school camps.Children stand in a circle holding hands.Leading everyone whispers in his ear, "Eagle" or "Elephant".At the signal, leading to the word "eagle", must sit all the eagles, the word "hippopotamus" - all hippos.Finish the joint celebration can view interesting film.