Dark chocolate: the composition and caloric content

It treats we love since childhood.Strict parents always restrict the consumption of sweets their children.They motivate this circumstance the fact that chocolate is bad for the teeth and certainly cause allergies.Do not neglect the concerns of parents for their children's health.Chocolate can actually harm the body.But we should also remember the many beneficial properties of this dessert, which will help to correct some of the problems with health.The main thing - to choose a quality chocolate and know when to stop its use.

species and varieties

Scientists say that the greatest number of useful properties it is dark chocolate.How is it different from their counterparts - milk, and white chocolate bars?It's all a part of.

The fruit of the cacao tree, a component of chocolate, mature 6 months and change their color from green to orange.There are four main groups of varieties of cocoa: Trinitario, Criollo, Forastero and national.The latter is the most common, accounting for 85% of total production.Criollo variety is less common.Its production covers just 3%, it is an elite.

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Properties cultivation and processing of cocoa beans

Harvested fruits are cut into pieces and placed on banana leaves and leave as such for two weeks.During this period the fruit pulp containing sugar, ferments.As a result, the cocoa beans acquire a taste and aroma for which we really love them.

Next comes the drying process.As a result, moisture beans decreases from 60% to 7.5%.The dried product is packaged and sent to the factories for processing.There is cleaning and roasting the beans at a reduced temperature.This process is very important because it forms the aroma and taste of the product.Further the cocoa beans in the form of a suitably cooled by special machines purified from impurities and husk.The purified raw materials are ground to a paste, which is the main ingredient of chocolate.This substance can be further subjected to a pressing with separation of cocoa butter.The dry residue or bagasse is crushed to obtain cocoa powder.

Chocolates and Chocolate

especially in the form in which we are accustomed to eat, prepared from the above components in the confectionery factories.It is based on butter and cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla, emulsifiers, and other additives.Out of all these components is brewed liquid homogeneous mass.It solidifies in special forms and becomes a favorite contact tiles.

Black, bitter or dark chocolate is made from cocoa, sugar and cocoa butter.As a supplement may be added ingredients, according to the original recipe, but the basis must be the same.The higher the cocoa content, the taste of the product will be brighter and more bitter, the flavor - richer.This chocolate tart hits the spot gourmets.Containing an array of valuable components, it was he who stands by scientists as the most healthy.

Milk chocolate is produced with the replacement of the cocoa powder, powdered milk, so its color is lighter, and the taste - less bitter and creamy.This product appeals to many, especially to children.It is much sweeter and calories.Useful properties inferior dark chocolate, and the harm it can do much more.

White chocolate devoid of cocoa powder at all.It determines its color.From the source in its present formulation only cocoa butter.Useful properties in it the least amount, but this species has a lot of fans.

What are the benefits of chocolate?

So what's the benefit of this wonderful product?On its medicinal qualities even know Mayan and Aztec.In preparing the bitter flavored drink, they are gaining strength, energy, solved many health problems.After Columbus discovered America, chocolate started to conquer Europe.Since ancient times, people appreciate not only its great taste, but also the positive impact on the body.

Speaking about how helpful this delicacy, we undoubtedly have in mind dark chocolate.It has a number of unique properties:

  • protects our cells against free radicals and prevents the development of cancer and cardiovascular diseases due to the content in its composition of natural antioxidants - epicatechin flavonoids and procyanidins.
  • prevents formation of blood clots, reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.
  • increases the elasticity of blood vessels.As a result, normal blood pressure and the work of the heart muscle.
  • Helps reduce levels of "bad" cholesterol.The composition of chocolate has mono and polyunsaturated fats, including - oleic acid.Most of the saturated fats covers stearic acid, which also promotes the excretion of cholesterol and improves the heart and blood vessels.
  • enter, the mechanism of utilization of sugars in the body.Thus, the risk of manifestation of diabetes.
  • struggling with depressive states, improves mood, triggers the production of serotonin and endorphins.
  • With regular dosage use stimulates the brain.It is proven to improve the quality of memory and intellectual activity, especially in the elderly.
  • Contents of B vitamins and minerals (magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium) helps to strengthen the body and the establishment of physiological processes.
  • Eases symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune nature of some diseases due to anti-inflammatory effects.
  • reduces appetite, gives you the opportunity to control weight.
  • contains natural antiseptic and positive impact on the gums and oral mucosa.Reduces the formation of tartar.

All these properties underscore how dark chocolate is useful for the human body.But, like any medicine, this product should be used in moderation.It is believed that the benefit of the organism can eat up to 40 grams per day of fragrant delicacies.Dark chocolate, which is calorie 400 - 540 kcal / 100 g, may adversely affect the condition of the figure.

Can chocolate be harmful?

It's time to talk about whether the product bears only the useful properties.Is it useful for everyone without exception?What secrets stores dark chocolate?

harm from its use still is.This is due to the following properties:

  • cocoa beans contain nitrogen compounds, which are able to make an imbalance in the body's metabolic processes.That's why pediatricians do not recommend chocolate for children under three years of age.
  • sugar content in dark chocolate though small, but acceptable for diabetics.Therefore, people suffering from this disease, the chocolate will harm rather than benefit.
  • When overweight also should minimize the use of goodies.Dark chocolate, calories which have a high enough figure in the diet of people struggling with overweight, should take the last place.
  • Cocoa is quite a strong allergen.For allergy sufferers there are strict restrictions on the dark chocolate, which sets the attending physician.

How to choose the best chocolate?

course, can only be useful to a good dark chocolate.

What criteria are advised to be guided by experts in the selection of goodies to get from its consumption maximum benefit?Here's what experts advise subtleties production of quality dark chocolate:

  • carefully study the package.As part of the natural chocolate must contain only cocoa butter and no other fat (palm, soybean or other vegetable ingredients).Sometimes manufacturers
  • composition include cocoa butter equivalent.Such a product is close to a natural, but has not as intense taste and aroma.However, a product with cocoa butter equivalent standards entitled be called "chocolate".
  • When administered in the dark chocolate substitute for cocoa butter in the form of soybean, palm and other vegetable fat and lost its main characteristic indicators.Taste, smell and color of the product change radically.Such goods are not allowed to be called chocolate, and the manufacturer is obliged to call it "candy tiles."
  • Note the appearance of the product.Natural chocolate has a smooth, dark, shiny surface.It is quite dense, but fragile and breaks with a ringing sound.If the chocolate has a light matte finish and cracked no sound, then most likely, the manufacturer saved on cocoa butter and added fat substitute.
  • Inferior products are characterized by the addition of preservatives benzoic hydrofat series.Such chocolate sticks to teeth and has a greasy taste.This dessert is not only useful for a long period of its use can cause health problems.
  • The addition of chocolate cocoa powder or cocoa Valley also speaks of its low quality.
  • recipe for dark chocolate GOST provides contents of four ingredients: cocoa butter, cocoa mass, lecithin and powdered sugar.Lecithin is very useful for human health and is a valuable addition.Cocoa content in dark chocolate - at least 33-43%.This dessert melts in your mouth for a few seconds, leaving a pleasant bitter aftertaste.

By following these recommendations, you are guaranteed to choose the best chocolate that will delight not only for its excellent taste and aroma of the divine, but also will bring considerable benefits to the body.

Can I have a "gray" chocolate?

you bought a bar of chocolate in a shop that was covered at the opening of a whitish bloom?Of course, the first question arising in your mind, is this: "Is it possible to have a dessert?".Experts say that such a phenomenon is nothing to worry about.The presence of "gray-haired" plaque on the surface of the chocolate bars indicates a failure to comply with conditions of storage.Rather, it is melted and then re-froze.During this process, the light fraction of cocoa butter made on the surface and formed a white coating.Therefore, experts say that the existence of such "gray-haired" coating on chocolate as a whole points to its high quality, and dessert can safely eat without any harm to health.

freeze chocolate also can build-white.But there is another story.This raid is the sugar crystals.By buying such a product should be abandoned.Tiles will taste bitter, and sugar - to squeak on the teeth.It is unlikely that it will deliver the pleasure of taste to the consumer.


People who eat dark chocolate, reviews about it leaves only positive.They differ not only optimism and good spirits, but also good health.Therefore, if the doctor does not consider this dessert dangerous for your body, you can feast on them with pleasure and benefit.Just do not forget that the choice of chocolate should be taken with great care and skill.It is also worth remembering that there is a need to treat in moderation.Then this wonderful dessert, which the Aztecs called the food of the gods, will only benefit the body.