Banking - what is this profession?

Today there is a very fashionable and prestigious profession - banking.What is this profession?Let's try to understand the relevant issues.

Description profession

meaning of the word has Italian roots."Banker" from the word banco - "table", respectively, the banker - someone who works at the table.But today is a multi-faceted professional, it features a tendency to predict.He also has an analytical mind.

Now experts in banking incredible demand.Therefore, it is relatively easy to find a job.They are waiting for investment companies, financial institutions, credit institutions, stock exchanges, insurance companies and so on. D.

work in a bank depends on what position the employee holds.For example, a specialist financial institution will be engaged in advising clients, analyzing performance, forecast and so on. D.

Many large banks in the structure can have up to 10 units with specific functions.The key areas are:

  • lending;
  • investment activity;
  • operating activities;
  • Treasury.

Banking - a profession that requires the utmost care and responsibility.The tasks depend on the specialist job.That is, a bank specialist will work with the cash customers.It also will be responsible for monitoring the issuance and repayment of loans, issuance and exchange cards and so on. D.

History of the profession

Speaking of that for the profession of banking, is to start with a description of its ancient origin.Some sources claim that it originated when there was Babylon, that is, in the VII century BC.Then there were the moneylenders.Moreover, already used banknotes - Hood.They are also valuable as gold.

Ancient Greece also had a hand in the development of banking.The country has the money-changers, or trapezity.Their job was to exchange coins, money.Ancient Greece - the first country, where they began to carry out cash management services by debiting and charging money to your account.Loans also originate from ancient Greece: Temples provide funds from its vaults.

specialist banking - a profession that has developed recently.In Russia, such activities were engaged in money-lenders.But when there were banks, which have become mediators in large cash transactions, there is a need for workers.They had to be able to accurately handle payments, credits and loans.Therefore, a new profession - a banker, an intermediary and the operator of the credit system.Began to develop a specialty "Banking".What is this profession, we will now analyze.

importance of banking

Banking - a profession which today is of great importance.This means that qualified workers are needed.Any economically developed country can prosper without professionals who are able to establish this mechanism - the implementation of monetary operations both inside and outside the state.

Where can run a banker?

acquainted with banking, nearly one wonders: "Where I am still able to work, having received this education? Is there a trade-related banking business?"

course, the classic financial transaction - credit.However, there are a number of other areas of banking.Most financial institutions have different operations to service a variety of customer segments.What parts of any organization not do without the bankers:

  • investment;
  • credit;
  • securities;
  • operational;
  • stock;
  • Law;
  • reporting;
  • marketing and so on. D.

list goes on and on.In every department there are functions that can perform banking specialists.He may also find himself in insurance.Almost everywhere I need a person who knows banking."What is this profession, where to work?"- After graduation, such issues do not arise.

Pros and cons of banking

As with all professions, banking has both advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits include:

  1. stability.Although the market is unpredictable today, commercial banks will always be in demand.
  2. Quick career took off.If the banker is willing to achieve good results, it will cling to any opportunity: to take on challenging assignments, stay at work after hours.
  3. Competitive wages.
  4. Most banks developed system of promoting labor (premium, bonus).
  5. Many banks pay voluntary medical insurance of employees.


  1. high degree of responsibility, which is always present.
  2. There's no room for error.
  3. Work schedule is not normalized.
  4. In the early career path work seems monotonous and repetitive.
  5. beginners employees have small salaries.

where they teach at the Banking?

What is this profession?What you need to take?Where is all this teach?

In Russia today there are many specialized universities with economic or financial departments.Classical education future bankers can receive, for example, at Moscow State University, MGIMO, the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, the Higher School of Economics or CEA.These are the best and well-known universities of our country.But besides them there are a lot of good, decent universities.

to find a job in a bank or financial institution must obtain a degree in "Economy".There will also be out of place to complete Master's degree in "Finance and Credit."

finished training on a specialty "Banking", you get a range of knowledge in the field of financial circulation, standard operations, economic forecasting, accounting.The mandatory program also includes the study of the nature and functioning of credit transactions, and so on. D.

Who is ready to become a specialist banking

banking specialists can become people with good mathematical ability and analytical mind.A person engaged in this business, is able to sort through everything, then analyze and organize the information.You must at all times be focused and pay much attention to detail.Of course, economic discipline should love a man who knows banking.What kind of profession without interest to the economy?In addition, the banker usually has a good memory and has a tendency to reduce it through.

also man preparing to become a specialist banking, should be a professional and have healthy ambitions.Often it is these qualities are a major asset in hiring.Commitment is also strongly encouraged, since every day will be difficult.The employee must be able to overcome them and want to go further.

When the young specialist to be hired, he almost always takes a little training.Therefore, you need to be trained, to seek new knowledge.Some banks, by the way, after learning an examination and only then decide to take or not take a specialist to work in a bank.

Career growth

launching pad for a successful career growth is a higher profile (economic) education.

banking career often starts from such posts as:

  • customer service staff;
  • assistant accountant;
  • clerk and so on. D.

As a rule, young specialists low wages.At the same time it has the opportunity to go up the career ladder.But you need to put some effort.To become a middle manager, you may need only one year.If the employee has certain abilities and aspirations, he can get the position of branch manager, the deputy head, director of the bank.