How to sew a cover on the mattress with his hands?

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furniture, including upholstered, is nowadays a lot.We acquire a luxurious suite of furniture in the living room or, for example, expensive modern mattress for the bed in the bedroom (eg, orthopedic) and we want to, of course, as long as possible to admire the bright colors of a brand new upholstery.

But tissue - a capricious person.And now, upholstery shabby sometimes burnt in the sun, somewhere there was a spot ... And the presence of young children in the home and pets is not conducive to the safety of the situation.

What is the solution?A way out is already invented long ago.If you want to save, for example, your new expensive mattress out of trouble, it should be easy to cover.That is, you need a protective cover on the mattress.

think it unnecessary?In vain!By the conclusion of the necessity of the useful accessories, sooner or later come to almost everything, but sometimes furniture at that time it is already pretty spoiled.

It should be recognized that the cover on the mattress - something functional and practical.In addition, interior decoration, he can play a decorative role.Covers protect expensive products from dust and stains, reduce wear and extend service life.This is especially important for those with expensive (eg, orthopedic) product.Cover on the mattress waterproof is a must for those who have family there are small children or bedridden patients.

itself the master

cover on the mattress, made in an original and tasteful, certainly will decorate the room and enhance the mood.The usual case of a thin fabric to sew a snap.

try to make a removable cover on the mattress with his hands.Patterns such covers can be from the simple (a large pillow-bag) to complex, decorated with decorative elements.

begins dressmaker will make easier to model the elastic kuliske, securely locking the product in place.If you are not sure yet in their own abilities, you can try to make a draft of old sheets, and at the same time to determine the exact size.

What do we need?

should arm for sewing tailor measuring tape, scissors, needle and thread, as well as iron and, of course, a sewing machine.And, of course, need a piece of fabric the desired size.

choice of material depends on the purpose of the cover.So, for an orthopedic mattress in the cot suitable furniture fabric bright colors.Modern air mattress can obtyanut non-staining tarpaulins.The choice of material for the mattress in the bedroom is almost unlimited - fit all that you deem appropriate.

What fabrics prefer?

to sew cover on the mattress, usually take materials such as calico, linen, solid teak.There are also options for cotton and polyester.Cotton fabrics universally accepted use in children and health facilities, kindergartens and health camps.

In general, need to buy fabric easy to clean, because the cases have to be washed from time to time.For the same reason you should not choose too light shades, although, of course, they look very elegant.

avoid shrinkage products long after washing when cutting the long side of the product is always placed along the foundation.

If it is assumed that the cover on the mattress will be used alternately with the right and wrong sides, then in its manufacture should choose zaposhivochny seam.The fabric thus also need to find one where the Wrong and the front side as little as possible differ.


Before sew cover on the mattress, carefully measure the dimensions of the mattress, that is, the length, thickness and width of the cover of the future.Remember that saying "Measure twice ..." is still relevant.

pattern then divide into five parts.This is the main part, the length and width of which correspond to the size of the mattress and four auxiliary - in the head, in the legs and the two sides on the sides.These details kroyatsya based on its thickness.To be sure not to be mistaken with the size, it is necessary to draw a layout of all the details on the sheet in a large square (appropriate to the scale).

How to transfer the pattern on the fabric?

make the necessary measurements, mark the contours of the parts on the prepared tissue, since the main part of the product.If the fabric with a nap, when cutting is necessary to consider its direction.Pattern is outlined on the fabric or the usual fine tailoring.

If the size of the existing cut allows, the side panels can be made in a single cut hem.

When sewing very simple cover-bag can just take the cloth, folded in half lengthwise, and the edges connect pins.

large mattress will have to sew from the individual parts.The same method is used, if the tissue is very dense.As an experiment you can try inserting contrasting colors, but with the overall color scheme premises (to avoid medley).Moreover, it is desirable to combine the fabric-like texture and density.

measure seven times - it's time to cut

Armed with tailoring scissors (they must be sharp), carefully cut the fabric on marked lines, not forgetting the wide seam allowances on edges.Their size depends on the width of gum that will effortlessly stretch along the contour of the cover.Stock up on hem is folded in half and otstrachivayut on the edge.

next step - the processing of all parts of the diagram below.

First connect the side sections to the main and prostrochite typed all fillet welds.Then get a treat on the seams or overlock manually.


free edges fabric tuck, there is a clear and neat fold line, the seams properly proutyuzhte.For greater reliability, all joints should be duplicated items, stepping back from the edge of approximately 3 mm.At the edge of the fold lines do the stitches, leaving a space for pulling gum.Having passed it with a large pin, firmly secure the edges.Done!

zip pouch

Another option - to make a removable mattress covers with zippers that are sewed on a path between the main and auxiliary components.As a rule, long enough to find the zipper is not easy.

Experience shows that one can successfully manage a pair of permanent zippers with large teeth length of about 85 cm, sewn symmetrically (for example, a pillow cover or one of its long sides, being completely undone, they can pull the cover on the mattress andshoot effortlessly).


mattress covers with zippers, anyway, still require considerable work.Those who do not want to mess with zipper or time-consuming stitching along the contour fit option is easier.It covers on mattresses on the gum-like sheets that are simply strung on top of the mattress, and can be easily removed for washing.Especially good are the sheets for high (eg orthopedic) mattresses.

course, you can buy ready-made sheets with an elastic band, but it is not always possible to find the right size, because mattresses are sometimes unconventional.

If you buy sew a sheet cotton or calico, the standard width of fabric (usually 2 m 20 cm) may not be enough, especially if you have a mattress and a piece down the sides.

Knitted blankets, bed sheets with an elastic band do not require ironing and always look carefully, what is their great advantage.Such sheets are sold and ready.This is a very practical option, besides they look stylish and modern.

If you decide to sew your own knitted blankets, remember that knits requires careful handling edges, without which loops can crawl.

As it sew?

Total sew sheets, mattress cover on a double thickness of about 15 cm need about 3 meters of cloth, and do not forget the allowances under the gum around the edges of a width of about 15 cm on each side.

If the mattress has rounded corners, and then sew the sheet should be the same shape.Rounding should be considered at the stage of pattern.To avoid overlap with the size, control measurements are made on the diagonal as the mattress and sheets - they must match.

edges processed linen stitch or overlock.

Gum take about 5 meters.The exact length depends on its density.The stronger and tougher gum, the longer it will last under repeated washings.

How to sew a cover on the mattress for the baby?

the same way you can build a sheet on the mattress in the cot.For what it is necessary?You may have noticed that the baby wakes up in the morning on the crumpled sheets.Or you have to get up at night to improve his bed.

fundamentally solve the problem, you can pretty easy way.To do this, we take the most ordinary eraser, scissors, needle and thread, chalk and a sheet itself.Of course, children's mattress covers can be purchased ready-made, but often they do not fit the size or color.

In addition, any mother knows what a pleasure - tinkering something kid with his own hands.And among other things, the young mothers often do not have time for shopping in search of the necessary accessories.And sewing is possible to engage in a little while the child sleeps.Sewing will need regular or electric machine having a zigzag stitch.

sew a sheet quickly and easily

in the first stage stretches and gently straighten a sheet on the mattress.Is then applied on top of her gum and determines the required length.Cut the desired number.

Sheets Stela seamy side up, and outline the fine path for elastic shirring.Getting her sew.The first couple of centimeters conventional sew seam, then go to "zigzag".

to sew it right, in the process of sewing the elastic constant suction.The preferred left hand to guide it towards you, following the desired degree of tension, and the right - to hold sewing machine under the presser foot and sew gum laid along the planned path.If you just can not do it, you can pin it to the fabric with pins in several control points.

Thus we sew the gum from one side.Then stretch the sheet on the mattress and doing the same with the other side.Done!We fashioned baby cover on the mattress with his hands!Now, a sheet will not fidget, and folds are no longer delivered crumbs inconvenience.

If its area is large enough, it is best to sew the elastic on the edge - in this case, will the real case, which completely fit children's mattress.

the same way you can from water-repellent fabric and sew for medical oilcloth cover on the crib mattress is waterproof, allowing not worry about frequent zastiryvanii and drying the mattress.