How to mix a cocktail "Long Island"

"Long Island" - the famous American cocktail, whose history goes during Prohibition, which was adopted in the US in the 20s of the last century.
Alcoholic beverages were outside the law, but the New York bartenders have found a way out of the situation - they did a mix that, incidentally, is very strong on the percentage of alcohol, and disguise it under a normal glass of cold black tea.For now, the full name of the cocktail - "Long Island Ice Tea" (Long Island Ice Tea) and translated to English: "Long Island iced tea."Served in a tall glass filled with ice up to the top, this mix a wide variety of alcohol topped Coca-Cola, so that did not really think that this drink outlawed.

How to mix a cocktail

to feel like a hero of films about the Great Depression and the American dream, you need the following ingredients for the "Long Island":

- 30ml.white rum, Bacardi is best;
- 30ml.gin;
- 30 ml.good vodka;
- 30ml.tequila;
- 30 ml.Triple Sec liqueur (Triple Sec) or Cointreau (Cointreau);

- 60 ml.lime or lemon, it is better to take fresh;
- 30ml.conventional sugar syrup;
- Coca-Cola (or soda, Sprite, Pepsi and other soda);
- lemon slice for decoration.

Cocktail Mix all the ingredients, except for Coke in a shaker and pour into cocktail largest glass filled with ice.Top to add carbonated beverage of choice and well stir stick.Finally, on the edge of the glass can be attached to a piece of lemon.Be careful in the use of the mix, "Long Island", because, in spite of its sweet-sour taste and sufficient ease in the process of drinking, it contains a loading dose of alcohol.For those who are dieting, it is useful to know what portion of the energy value of about 300 kcal., However, it can be slightly reduced by adding instead of the usual "Coca-Cola Light" and cook the sugar syrup with sugar substitutes.By the way, the very first cocktail recipe was composed of whiskey and maple syrup, liqueurs appeared in subsequent, more recent versions.But, nevertheless, it is the above method for the preparation of the American Association of Bartenders and is considered a classic reference.

Option recipe cocktail "Long Island" with a lower alcohol content

To make the drink even more delicious and fruity notes, can slightly vary its composition and prepare a radioactive variant of the so-called cocktail of 30 ml.any raspberry liqueur (can take "Chambord" - Chambord), 30 ml.melon liqueur, usually take "Midori", 30ml.coconut liqueur "Malibu", 30ml."Cointreau" or liquor "Triple Sec", 30ml.gin, 30 ml.Roma, 30 and the same amount of tequila.All the ingredients are mixed in a shaker, pour into a tall glass filled with ice and top to pour Coca-Cola.A slice of lemon on the side glass decorate "Long Island", a photo which you can see on the left.Warning, the fortress content is 31 degrees, and although it is slightly smaller than the classic version of the high content of liqueur, the drink should still be consumed in reasonable quantities.Using these recipes, you will be able to fully experience the mysterious atmosphere of taste and America since the Great Depression.