Flooded neighbors: what to do?

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Often there is a situation familiar to all pain.Renovated in the apartment pokleit wallpaper, new tile and laminate pleasing soul.The apartment looks like new, and the mood of the hosts wonderful.But once I came home from work, we see water damaged ceiling tiles, wet walls and floor.It turns out that everything is banal - the neighbors pour on top.What should I do in this situation?All this is not only unpleasant, but can also significantly affect the purse, as repair costs can be very large.So, if you have filled in the neighbors, what to do?Detailed instructions fully reflected in this article.Here are tips to help you solve the problem as the injured party, as well as perpetrators.

Why so?

If the neighbors have filled apartment, what to do?Often the first desire in most people - "to pour out" on them his anger.However, they may not be to blame for the "flood".Perhaps it bursts heating system, which had not been repaired.Sometimes we blame careless plumber who installed something wrong.

Quite often, the responsibility lies with the neighbors.Forget to close the faucet in the kitchen or bathroom plumbing or break while intoxicated.Such cases are also not uncommon.

What to do if you flooded, flooded neighbors, where to go?

In any case, the culprit can only define a special commission.To determine the cause of "flood" and the establishment of the person liable, should apply to the management company or to independent experts.It will be an official act, which spelled out all the damage and the amount of compensation for damages.

If the apartment is flooded with renovated

best to first apply to the perpetrators, "the flood" and to try to settle the matter amicably.Many people prefer to negotiate peacefully.Neighbors above you fill in?What to do, when it begins to drip from the ceiling?The first step is to call the emergency services if you find that the water seeps into the apartment.Experts testify leak temporarily block the water (to eliminate the causes of the accident).

Then you need to apply to the management company (ECD, housing office, condominiums and so on. D.).There will be sent to the technical committee, which will establish the cause of the damage and the size of housing.

The commission

If flooded neighbors above, what to do, where to go?Called by the Commission, which sets out who is right and who is wrong.It describes in detail the damage, starting with the loss of injury to the technical condition of the apartment and ending incapacitated electrical appliances and fittings.Create can only act within three days from the date of the accident.After this period, to document anything anymore.

Why only the first three days is drawn?Because traces of leakage still fresh.The Commission must act to fix in place, time, cause and the culprit accident.In addition, it reflects the degree of damage of property.

After this a second act.It just affects the amount of damage (detailed list).This is because the victims can not only walls and ceilings, but also in the apartment furniture, appliances, antiques, clothing, shoes and so on. D.

How to draw up a statement

What to do if youflooded neighbors?First of all make an examination, and draw up the statement.This is the most important document, which should reflect the date and time and a detailed listing of flooding caused by water damage:

  • reasons (damage to the pipes, neglect neighbors, and so on. D.).Examination paid culprit accident.
  • complete list of damage to property caused by: a broken furniture, shoes, clothes, carpets, lamps, household appliances, decoration and so on.
  • originator of the flood must be present at the examination, and in the end to put his signature on the agreement on compensation for the specified amount or rejection of it.In the latter case, the amount of compensation will be determined in court.But in response to the act of the perpetrator as much as possible should be fixed.
  • document may be declared invalid if it does not have signatures of the commission members affected by the flood and of the culprit.
  • It is advisable to make an estimate, which may be made by an independent expert.

Where to acts

If flooded neighbors, what to do, with all the necessary instruments at hand?If you have documents confirming damage, it is best to make a written complaint, which, together with copies of official documents sent to the person responsible for the accident.This can be done either in person or by registered mail.The culprits of the accident are not always neighbors.Sometimes it is the management company, which has failed to preventive maintenance on certain dates.This is especially true of heating and plumbing.

flooded neighbors.What if they refuse to pay for the damage?

In this case, you must go to court.They need a receipt mail order or claim refusal to indemnify neighbors after flooding homes.With both instruments you make copies.

Before the court decision apartment tidy is not necessary.Neighbors may begin to challenge the amount of which is assigned in the form of compensation.In such cases, the court shall appoint an additional examination to clarify the size of monetary compensation to the victim.All costs and legal fees will be paid by the defendant.

If no obvious leaks

happens that tenants bottom complain that the neighbors have filled apartment.What to do to them if obvious leakage on the ceiling is not observed, and it is dry?In this case, the cause of "flood" may be sewage or general building system, which is located between floors of apartment buildings.And the accident is likely to have originated at the junction.

If the neighbors are constantly poured what to do?Explore apartment and determine the location of leakage.If ceilings everywhere dry, the neighbors for the damage caused to property not liable, and compensation should be paid to the management company.But she reluctantly admits his guilt, and the peaceful resolution of this conflict is rare.In any case it is necessary to order an independent examination.The service is paid, but the money then reimburse the guilty party.

Constant "flood" top

again filled neighbors ... What to do, if the situation is repeated several times?In this case, you can immediately apply to the management company, and then - to the court.With all the acts on hand written claim for regular violation of the rules of the neighbors use the living room.If the neighbors are constantly poured what to do?Going to court.It not only helps to compensate for losses, but the perpetrators and make warning.If you repeat this once more, then they will be fined a large sum.

If you are flooded neighbors below

The first step is to find and neutralize the leak, even if it will have to completely cut off the water at the entrance.This makes the alarm company to which you want to call immediately if you can not self-overlap of cranes in the apartment.

better yourself not to touch obschedomovye communication, since they will have to pay compensation for damage.It is therefore reasonable to wait for emergency crews.To avoid circuit should immediately turn off the electricity to the apartment.To do this, simply omit the switch.

How to fix the damage caused to the neighbors

If you have filled in neighbors from below, what to do in this case? apartment must be inspected personally and immediately to assess the extent of damage caused.Ideal - to shoot everything on camera or take pictures on the camera.Most affected residents are trying to exaggerate the damage inflicted, and therefore need proof when setting compensation.

If you are not allowed in the apartment flooded, it may mean that you will try to claim more money than it can require the removal of the damage to property damage.Therefore it is better to call their own management company or independent experts and neighbors had to go with them.If the apartment is not allowed again, the court can safely challenge the amount required as compensation for the victims.Since there are witnesses to the fact that the neighbors do not want to let estimating damage commission.


If you have filled in neighbors from below, what to do?First draw up a statement, which will include all the damage and the amount of damage.Guilty better witness it in person, to ensure the correctness of the document and the amount of damage inflicted on water.The nature of the latter is best to capture on video and or photos, as already noted.

Procedure compensation

transfer of money for the damage should be performed privately at least one witness, and it is better if they would be two.However, they do not have to be residents flooded the apartment.Always taken a receipt, which states that the damage caused to the property, offset, and claims victims no longer have.If peacefully settle all failed, the question should be solved in court, where required all copies of acts and photographs on the amount of damage.

How to pay damages

What are some ways to compensate for the damage without trial?The easiest - to pay money, just pass the required amount of neighbors.This is necessary to take a receipt, which will indicate that the victims have no more claims.The second - to make repairs on their own in a flooded apartment.In this case, all the construction materials and labor paid by yourself, and no monetary compensation is not sent to neighbors.The third way - you can pay for repairs carried out (as provided by the checks), if the victims have made it their own.

Of course, this situation is not pleasant, and very annoying.However, it is reasonable not to conflict with his opponents - more will come.Litigation not only take a lot of time and money, but also spoil the nerves.There is no desperate situations, people can always agree among themselves and not have to go with the concessions.Just enough of the guilty accept responsibility for what happened and compensate the damage.A victim - to meet and do not require more than what is necessary.A month later, the situation will be forgotten.And neighbors will remain friends.But conflicts, quarrels and disputes will last long and will not lead to anything good.