Vanilla and Vehicles

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old but true story, from which it is clear that the obvious - is not always obvious, and even the most amazing facts - all the same facts.

the Department of Pontiac General Motors Corporation received a letter.

"I understand - the author wrote - that seem stupid, but all I want to tell you - God's truth.

Everyone in our family are very fond of ice cream. Every evening after dinner, we decide what grade will have todessert, and I'm going after him into the store.

problems started after I purchased a new Pontiac. Every time I buy vanilla ice cream and going back home with him, the machine flatly refuses to wind up! If ice cream strawberry, chocolate or anyanother variety - no problem with the launch.

Sounds silly, but maybe there is something in the Pontiac, which responds to the vanilla ice cream? "

president, understandably, reacted with skepticism to the letter, but still sent an engineer to check.The owner of the car makes a good impression - polite, educated and apparently not crazy ...

meet after dinner, went to the store bought vanilla ice cream.All accurately - the car will not start!

This went on for several days.Chocolate - start.

Strawberry - start.Vanilla - will not start!

engineer was a man of sense and refused to believe that the car may be allergic to vanilla.He continued to ride with the owner in the store, but now noticed all the details - while traveling, how and for how gasoline column ran the car, even temperature and cloudy.

Pretty soon it became clear that it's not vanilla, and the location of the goods in the sales area of ​​the store.Vanilla ice cream - as the most the escape - was placed in the refrigerator self-service at the entrance, and all other sorts - at the back of the hall, and were sold through the cashier.Buy vanilla could be much faster than any other.

The problem moved into the category of technical - why the car will not start if the host returns to her fast?

And the answer was found immediately - the engine did not have time to cool down, and remained in the carburetor jams caused by intense evaporation of gasoline!

Moral: even completely idiotic problems are sometimes under a very real basis.

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