How to make a compote of apples and cherries?

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Even in kindergarten we have traditionally given for lunch first, second and compote.Adults even resorted to blackmail, assuring the most discerning children: "Do not eat hot - compote will not get."

This useful sweet drink - a worthy replacement of the purchased juice, especially if there is a private garden and fruit growing need at hand.It is nice refreshing in the heat of summer, and in winter reminds its taste and aroma of warm days, the sun and delicious ripe fruit.Because anything can cook stewed fruit: apple and cherry, pear and lemon slices, and even pineapples and pineapple guava.

certain beverages from exotic fruits are very tasty.But our fruit does not concede any overseas curiosities of utility nor in taste.

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apples that ripen in large numbers in gardens from mid-summer to late autumn, delicious, aromatic and contain a lot of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.Of these, make jam, crushed juice, jam harvest, they even dried.And how to cook stewed apples, knows almost every woman.

Perhaps the only drawback - from fruit pulp is light and very subtle flavor, which makes the final product a tasty, but not as impressive as we would like.Therefore, some apple compote cook rare.

Give the drink a decent color and flavor will cherry.Most berry compote is obtained from it.Cherry contains a lot of iron and magnesium, and drink from it is recommended for anemia.In addition, they are perfectly quench thirst and stimulate appetite.

compote of apples and cherries - is the most successful combination of taste, color and aroma.Using ingredients in different proportions, we can achieve more "cherry" bouquet or only slightly tint the drink.

Summer apple compote: Photo recipe

Cherries are placed here only for the sake of a beautiful ruby ​​color.The main ingredient is apples.

What you need:

  • sugar - 300 g;
  • any apple - 500-600 g;
  • cherry - a couple of handfuls;
  • water - 3 liters.

Wash fruit.For apples cored and cut them in neat slices.We can leave the pits of cherries.Put everything in a pot.Fill with sugar, pour water, put on medium heat.

Cook after boiling for 15 minutes.Visually readiness can be determined as follows: if Apple changed its color, compote is ready.

can cook compote and pitted.For this cherries are washed in cold water, removed bone.

Pulp put in a pot, pour hot water, boiled and filtered.The resulting juice is poured into the pan, put back the sugar and chopped apples.

After boiling compote cook 10 minutes, then add the cherries, bring to a boil and turn off.

Winter harvesting

For longer storage compote of apples and cherries are preparing a little differently.Apples are taken not very ripe and soft varieties.They wash, remove seeds, cut into slices.Then, together with cherries apples were placed in clean sterilized jars a third volume.Value can be any fruit, but apples are usually put a little more.

syrup Preparation: for each liter of water to put 1.5 cups of sugar.Bring to a boil, then pour into jars and sterilized for 20-25 minutes.Roll up the banks to put their caps down wrap.Fragrant stewed apples and cherries ready for winter!