Floating holiday: a number of Easter?

Sooner or later, almost everyone begins to wonder the mysterious phenomenon of the Christian Easter.This wandering celebration may fall on April and May, and will inevitably have in bewilderment, how many Easter will be this year, and why Christians can not be determined which day should be celebrated?

If you delve into the history of the holiday, it turns out that he actually existed even before there was a whole history of Jesus Christ.If left alone religion, and look at the history, it said at the time of entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, its inhabitants magnificently celebrated Passover.We are talking about the Jewish holiday that has nothing to do with the tragic story of the crucifixion.That is why the question of the number of Easter, astronomers can only answer: it is the first Sunday of the full moon following the vernal equinox.If the vernal equinox falls on March 21 or 20, the full moon following it can not be tied to any particular date.In fact, there is required a lunar calendar, which will help determine the number of Easter and what exactly a month this year.

meaning precisely determine the date of the festival lies precisely in the lunar calendar - it was based on the schedule of agricultural work.Easter can be regarded as a kind of starting point in the new agricultural year.In Christianity, it is important to not only the number of Easter, but also pleasant everyday customs associated with this holiday.As you know, the Easter Lent ends - a forty days of abstinence, the outer part of which is expressed in the refusal of certain types of food.This is more important emotional abstinence, because the purpose of Lent is a spiritual cleansing, not diet gastronomy.Nevertheless, many people are tied to religious traditions in name only, to know what the number will be Easter, only to change the range in supermarkets.Sales appear to paint boiled eggs, cakes of all shapes and sizes, postcards relevant content.

In addition, the date is determined more by type and used in the calendar of the Christian tradition.Almost everyone knows the fundamental difference in the dating of events between the Orthodox and Catholic tradition.The Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar, the Catholic, respectively, Gregorian.This is the main reason why Easter falls on different dates, but once in nineteen Catholic and Orthodox Easter falls on the same day.It is not known how this can be considered a positive sign, but different calendars are not an obstacle to peace and good neighborly relations between the Catholic and Orthodox churches.

If you want to decide for themselves how many Easter is for you, it is necessary first to understand to what religious tradition do you feel about.Despite the fact that Orthodoxy dominates the rest of the concession is not violated, so you can choose for themselves those religious beliefs that are closer to your worldview.If Easter to you is just another excuse to touch the origins, to join the national traditions, accept the default, it is the Orthodox tradition, in which there is a manifestation of love and joy.After all, the holidays just for this and created to rejoice and congratulate each other.On this day feast of Easter cakes, traditional and elegant meals are cooked eggs, which are painted in different colors and often painted with complex patterns.Many are preparing sweet curd mixture with raisins, all kinds of sweets and meats.Celebrate on health, Christ is risen!