How to Cook Stuffed with minced meat

a long time I wondered complicated as it seemed to me the question: "How to cook stuffed with meat?" But it was not so scary and complicated.

To begin to choose a head of cabbage and a little more tightly, the leaves are not damaged.Then head to be cleaned from the outer leaves and place in a large pot with water.Cabbage should be completely hidden.Put on the stove and bring to a boil.Fifteen or twenty minutes to hold on low heat and remove, without draining the water.While the cabbage is softened, you can prepare the stuffing.Typically, a pork or beef, but you can cook stuffed with minced chicken and even fish on the same prescription.

Half a kilo of cooked long grain white rice mix with half a kilo of minced meat and mix well, adding one or two eggs, chopped medium onion, half a cup, a glass of water, pepper and salt to taste.You can add grated on a fine grater fresh carrots to mince was more juicy.All mix until smooth.

hardest part of cooking cabbage - a "strip" of head.The water is very hot and can easily burn your fingers, the kitchen Gulf water.Therefore, the process of separating cabbage leaves should be carried out calmly and gently.First, an incision at the base of a head, it is possible to make a deep cut around the stem.Remove leaves slowly to avoid damage.Thick rod cut with a knife so as to form a plane of the sheet.Separated leaves can be put on the table.Immediately remove all leaves is not necessary, because they are rapidly cooled and stan6ovyatsya hard, because that can be damaged by twisting.

Before you cook stuffed with minced meat, should prepare a pan, in which they will later be extinguished.The bottom of the tank can be damaged and unusable vystelit cabbage leaves, or just put a plate of appropriate dimensions.Thanks to such a reception, a main dish and not prigorit not stick to the day of the pan.

return to liberated cabbage leaves.They impose a bit of cooked meat with a spoon and gently wrap as a gift: first close minced upper overlap, then wrap around the sides and finally curl up getting a compact bundle.The entire process is repeated until no cabbage leaves and minced.

Having laid in the pan gently, and possibly layers of all the "convolution", fill them with hot broth (about half a liter) and set on fire.Tomato paste (100 g) can be diluted in broth, as well as sour cream (100 g), and you can just put on the cabbage rolls.In the first case the distribution will contain a spice more uniform.Salt and pepper dish, toss a few laurel leaves.

versatile and easy recipe, stuffed with minced meat of which can be made from each type of meat or poultry, especially pleased with its low cost and relative ease of implementation.Stuffed may be prepared not only from cabbage leaves, but also from the grape.

How to cook stuffed with minced meat quickly and easily?Regular savoy cabbage can be replaced.Its leaves are soft and flexible and does not require additional heat treatment, which saves a lot of time mistress.

way, stuffed with minced chicken is considered a dietary because of the content of a small amount of fat, and she sprouts a very large amount of mineral properties and for products that contribute to the fight against obesity.Stuffed usually served with boiled potatoes and butter.

all turns out simply.Now I know how to cook stuffed with minced meat and I can at any time give to the table fragrant, hot, decorated with greens and sour cream, very tasty and juicy cabbage rolls.