How to cook pumpkin juice from home

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Of course, the most useful is fresh juice of the pumpkin, which can be obtained with the help of household juicer and combine.But because of the specific taste enough to drink it, not all agree.This is especially true of young children.Besides delicious fresh pumpkin on hand may not always.In order to outwit the little fussy, you can add them to drink a little sugar, honey or fruit juice.As for its availability at any time of year, this is usually achieved by canning.

How to cook pumpkin juice with pulp from

easiest option to create this drink - use the juicer.Most of these devices allows you to make juice with pulp like, and without it.It only remains to choose the appropriate program (or use the necessary attachment), clean and cut the pumpkin and pass it through the device.

If the juicer at hand was not, you can try using the juice blender.To do this, clean the pumpkin, cut into cubes, fill with water and cook over low heat until until it becomes soft.Then turn it into a blender, puree, adjusting thickness using boiled water.In both cases it is important that the vegetable was sweet.Then the juice can be used without additives.

How to cook pumpkin juice from the pulp without

This can be done using the appropriate program juicer.In case of lack of help fine grater.With the help of vegetables pulverized, and then strain through cheesecloth.

This product is considered to be very useful due to its high content of vitamins and minerals, while diet.Contraindications to its use are extremely rare.This juice is recommended as feeding the kids, since six months.Pumpkin is also very useful for those who have problems with the liver and other digestive organs.Therefore, this drink can be consumed everything.

How to cook pumpkin juice from the winter

good harvests these big bright beauties, or purchase a sufficient number of the nearest market, you can send them to the storage in the cellar.Pumpkin is not very perishable, so cook the juice from the autumn stock, it can be until the spring or summer.If the area does not allow it, you can stock up for the future finished product.

ideal instrument to obtain it is sokovarka.In this case, before the cooking juice from the pumpkin, cut it into cubes.Then, the vegetable is placed in a special container, add a little water.The output is ready to juice, which can only pour into sterile jars and close.Sugar is better not to add to it, or at least it can be done already just before use.Sokovarki If the house is not, you can simply press the pumpkin using a juicer or gauze, and then sterilize for 30-40 minutes and close to the banks.

How to cook pumpkin juice from a child

to children enjoyed drinking this healthy beverage, it is necessary to make delicious, adding honey or sugar.Another option - to pumpkin juice, pour the same amount of carrot, apple or orange and mix them.As a rule, more fragrant and sweet fruits interrupt undesirable taste.Children drink a mixture of pleasure.If desired, it is also possible to prepare for the winter, sterilized.