Prayers for every day you need to know

man says permanent inner monologue, and sometimes vehemently arguing with an imaginary opponent.His torn by conflicting emotions, depresses the need to make decisions.Your vain thoughts, big problems and small business, the daily flow of endless worries.And it seems that no one can help, and life is passing, and nothing good lies ahead.And then we suddenly remember that we also have to turn to, whom to hope and wait for help from anyone.

Better yet, do not wait for a special mood of failure, God forbid, misery, and know the prayers each day and read them regularly.

daily visit to the church for the modern, active, working person is almost impossible, but in the morning prayers, entrusting their fate in the hands of God, everyone can.Church rank implies that the full reading of the daily prayers for each day takes at least 40 minutes.Not everyone can afford it, also have difficulty in understanding Church Slavonic words.This complicates the reading and memorization.Parish priests and confessors allowed advised to reduce the number of prayers, leaving only those that, as they say, "lay on the soul."Orthodox prayers in every day - it is turning to God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit, Reverend, archangels, apostles, angels.And everyone who prays can refer to someone who is closer to him.Prayer - not a request, especially since no requirement to do to organize, to cure.Deeply felt, correctly read the morning prayer helps to focus, as a kind of meditative tool.Prayers for every day disciplined mind and soul, give us the opportunity to feel protected and stored.If there is no special occasion, there is usually a daily Orthodox rite includes some basic prayers.

taught us to pray, but a direct appeal to God, the main prayer every day, known to many.This is the Lord's Prayer.Orthodox Church - the Church catholic, and when the prayer is read at the same time a lot of people, it becomes an irresistible force.So as efficacious prayers, prayers, will report during church services.

By Guardian Angel can be accessed during the day, he is always there, stores, protects, guides.

Prayer Angels - keepers

Angel of God, my guardian saint, given to me by the Lord, I pray thee, every day, keep me from all evil, instruct in the good deeds and lead to the path of salvation.Amen.

very revered in Russia, St. Nicholas' man.Icons with his picture can be seen in the cottages of wealthy people and poor apartment.Clever and stupid, educated and ignorant, people of different ages and professions considered and consider it their own.Great Holy nobody denies assistance, and this assistance is always timely and effective.

Prayer Nicholas saints

About All-Good Father Nicholas!Pastor and teacher of all the faithful to the faith of your intercession and prayer hot to you calling!Try and deliver Christ's flock from wolves, ruining Christian country.Fences and protection of their prayers on the holy rebellion, war and internecine warfare, famine, flood, fire, ball and wasted death.And just as you pardoned three men sitting in prison, and delivered them from the wrath of the king and visited by the sword, so have mercy on me, and deliver us from the wrath of the Lord, and eternal damnation.Your intercession and help, by his own mercy and grace of Christ, God will give me a quiet life, get rid of troubles and misfortunes.Amen

For women, there is no better prayer for each day than appeal to the Blessed Virgin Mary .It helps in diseases, protects from despair and evil thoughts.

Lady, the Blessed Virgin.The all-powerful and holy prayers before the Lord thy Take from me, a humble servant of God thy thoughts are bad and evil.I pray thee, strengthen me in my faith!My soul weak and sinful heart fencing of despondency and despair.Our intercessor, Holy Mother of God!Do not let fall into the sin of evil thoughts and deeds.Blessed be your name forever and ever.Amen.