Diet Chinese centenarians

postroynet Many women dream to become a more attractive appearance and improve their self-esteem.About health is often thought then, when the problem is already being felt.Chinese longevity diet is significantly different from the current popular diets that reduce weight.It not only promotes weight loss, but also adds years of life.Slimming and Health - "two in one", what could be better?

Geography diet

Bama County, Guangxi Province, China - unique in its picturesque location.It has everything to feel free from the madding crowd and closer to unity with nature.Luxury caves with ponds, beautiful limestone caves, decorated with green mountains.Foreign researchers officially recognized Bama County "land of longevity".

Specialists University of Graz in Australia, says: "The average life span can be prolonged by exercise, caloric restriction and consumption of certain nutrients."

diet centenarians

1,500 calories a day - the minimum that is sufficient to maintain the health and youth - assured the Chinese centenarians, confirming his words by example.However, there is an important clarification, your diet should consist of many utilities, including nutrients such as selenium, flavonoids, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins E and C, green tea catechins and antioxidants.All of this can be found in the following products:

vegetables and mushrooms. pumpkin, tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes and mushrooms valuable minerals and trace elements.

Fruits. Prefer bananas, grapes, pears.You can eat in its natural form (1-3 pcs. Per day) or as juice.

Beans, beans. contain many nutrients and amino acids that provide the human body protein.

corn, brown rice, millet. Use for cooking porridge in the vegetable broth.

Fish oil. facilitate the smooth running of all processes of the body, from the assimilation of nutrients to the healthy functioning of the heart.

Healthy diet involves some deprivation of food.So, you should observe moderation in the consumption of animal fats, sugar and salt.

permissible use of meat goats, hens, pigs, ducks, albeit in small quantities.In the holiday season it is best to cook them on the fire, and at other times - in a double boiler or multivarka.

Regarding the favorite by many white flavors, prefer sweet fruit desserts refined sugars and limit salt intake.Having followed this advice only, you can lose up to two kilograms per month!

key to success

women seeking Makropulos Chinese centenarians give valuable advice:

Eat small portions.Learn is "to the point of feeling of satiety" and you will always be young, healthy, beautiful.

competent diet - just part of the lifestyle of Chinese centenarians. are also important exercise.But what if the modern pace of life does not leave time to attend a fitness club or gym?Alternatively, use the accessories for fitness that you have at home, and practice long walks in the fresh air!

Exercise with fitness accessories

Rope. Exercises with rope increase the tone of the body, develop stamina, are the prevention of varicose veins, strengthens the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, train the muscles of the buttocks and legs, help to get rid of cellulite.According to the degree of calorie burning rope bypasses sports such as swimming, tennis, cycling.

hula-hoop. effective projectile to adjust the volume of the body.Regular exercise improves your posture, tighten the stomach and provide a good workout muscles.If you use it every day for at least five minutes a week in the waist area, you lose one centimeter.It is better to use the hoops with the weighting.

fitball. Exercises with fitball working on almost all muscle groups: chest, back, arms and legs, abdominals.Develop their strength and endurance, increase flexibility.In addition, regular exercise accelerates the metabolism, allowing you to burn fat stores more intensively.

Expander. can simulate the work with weights of various denominations, focuses the load on the muscles of the arms and upper back.Its advantage is that after the end of exercise resistance, your body will be in active mode to burn more calories within 48 hours.

yoga mat. Many have the habit of "seizing" stress.Often used for this purpose fatty foods.The choice in favor of the person making it, because the emotional experience and the digestion of food - a laborious process, for which the body often enough forces.Intuitively, we choose a food that provides the necessary amount of energy.In order not to overeat "on emotions," learn how to control them, and instead find comfort in the refrigerator, use the help of yoga mats.Last useful to you to perform the asanas, relaxation or other relieves stress occupations.

competent by Chinese centenarians diet and exercise, which can organize even at home, will help you postroynet, improve the health and well-being.Be beautiful!

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