How to to marinate the onion in vinegar: the most delicious ways to

Going to the nature with harvested for barbecue meat, do not forget about such a great snack as pickled onions.Crispy onions in vinegar - the best addition to barbeque.To prepare it, it is required is not so and a lot of effort, but the result of exceed all your expectations.

as pickled onions in vinegar?Option with beets

You will need about a kilo of onions, beets of medium size, salt and vinegar.Before you soak the onions in vinegar, you need to clean it, pour over boiling water and cut into rings.Beets also be cleaned and cut.Place the onion in a jar and beets uniform layers throughout the height of the banks.Dilute the vinegar with water in a ratio of one to one, add the marinade peas of black pepper and salt.Pour vinegar onions with beets and leave for a day.The day has a snack will not only as a side dish to barbecue, but also with any other dishes of meat or fish.

as pickled onions in vinegar Georgian

This option is the most appeal to those who like spicy food.You need to cook the marinade made from vinegar diluted with water at a ratio of one to one, there is added a bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, salt and sugar.Before the pickle, onions, scalded with boiling water, to be immersed in a bowl of water for five minutes.After that, the bow should be folded into a jar, pour the marinade and leave for a day in the cold.Acute Georgian snack ready.

as pickled onions in vinegar quickly

Take a half-liter three percent vinegar, a tablespoon of sunflower oil, bay leaf and cloves, a teaspoon of sugar and salt.Cut the onion rings and fold in a jar, pour the marinade and send in the refrigerator.Half an hour later pickled onions may be already there.Despite the fact that such a process is quick marinade, onion turns out no worse than cooked in the classical way.

How to to marinate the onion in lemon juice

Do not everyone loves smack of of vinegar in eating.If the methods of how to pickle onions in vinegar, do not suit you, use lemon.Medium sized onion cut into half rings, scald with boiling water and fold in the bank.Boiling water will help remove the bitterness from the bow.Squeeze in a bowl of lemon juice and add a little warm water, sunflower oil, herbs, salt, sugar and pepper.The resulting marinade pour onion.After half an hour marinated in lemon onions will be ready.The taste of the dishes will be softer than that prepared with vinegar.

as pickled onions in vinegar and oil

This method of preparation of pickled snacks are not too time-consuming.To prepare it, one kilogram of onions you need a glass of vinegar, fifty grams of sunflower oil, black pepper in a pea and a bay leaf.Pour vinegar and oil in a deep frying pan, throw in a pickle onions, cut into rings, and spices to taste.Turn on medium heat and place the pan on it.Stirring constantly, heat the onion.Not bringing the marinade to a boil, remove from heat dish, rinse the onion in cold water.This dish will need to eat during the week.