Crowdsourcing as a technology management decision-making

term "crowdsourcing" was first introduced in 2006, and writer Jeff Howe is the transfer of certain production functions to persons without employment contracts.This allows you to use the potential of a significant number of people in the interests of the business and substantially solve the emerging problems of management decision-making.

main difference from outsourcing crowdsourcing is outsourcing when the company distributes the work between the involved professionals money, crowdsourcing and costs are minimized due to the free use of the skills of professionals, amateurs, directed at solving a particular business problem.

Crowdsourcing - this innovation with the expectation of the user, the technology management decision-making, in which manufacturers rely heavily on the experience and professionalism of the members.It can be argued that the technology crowdsourcing established based on prospective customers a free exchange their ideas with the company.

At present, the idea of ​​using crowdsourcing quite popular, no matter what levels of management decision-making, we have not considered.As an example is the website content, filled by the visitors.Examples of such resources are the social networks and news services, Wikipedia, numerous forums, OpenStreetMap, and other resources where visitors create their own information product.

example, in Procter & amp;Gamble, the administration publishes a problem on the resource, which are implemented within the corporation, offering successful solutions for large cash rewards.The offers are sent more than 160,000 volunteers.

At Threadless, the company's production of T-shirts in Chicago, technology management decision-making method of crowdsourcing is implemented in the design process.Forms of participation are conducting online contests.As the technology management decision-making, the use of crowdsourcing can be implemented, for example, if the technical means, such as a computer, can not do the job.In this case, it is given to perform for a small fee a large number of ordinary people.Here, for example, it is the kind of work as the transcript of recordings.

at foreign universities spread technology management decision-making through the creation of sites with regularly updated database and ranking students, the placement activities in which students can participate.Development and filling the database with the activities of such an organization engaged in the students themselves through the use of the concept of crowdsourcing.

In terms of business activity, the use of crowdsourcing is gaining momentum in the field of training and work with reserve staff.Case studies in this area are presented in the works of many domestic and foreign scientists, in particular, NPByalyatski, BLBazarov, GGZaitsev SISamygin, AITurchinov and others.Provision of personnel, including the long-term provision, the process is quite lengthy, labor-intensive, requiring careful preparation and competent organization for any company.Its implementation is a method of crowdsourcing a number of advantages for employers, direct participants and project developers.For employers - is an opportunity to find qualified, enthusiastic staff looking for employment or inclusion in the prospective reserve;for job seekers - an incentive to improve the knowledge, personal growth in order to further profitable employment for a group of the project - the possibility of the practical realization of their ideas, testing the application of IT-technologies in management practice.