In St. Petersburg, we learned to cook tiramisu without coffee, eggs and waste

September 11 in culinary school GUSTOMAESTRO hosted Russia's first eco-culinary master class "Kitchen of a full cycle."Italian chef Fabrizio Fatuchchi cooked lamb ribs with grilled vegetables and a light version of tiramisu with fruits.Right-handed maestro was Elena Badmaeva, fashion designer of St. Petersburg.

«The meat in my instinct.I love him and often cook friends - said Elena Badmaeva - but the experience with the tiramisu - the first in my life.Do not even try, because all the time I stay in storage mode shapes.But Fabrizio offered unexpectedly easy option without coffee and eggs. "

main dish with cooking workshop participants coped for 40 minutes.After tasting together another 20 minutes spent on the creation of a dessert.Fabrizio Fatuchchi suddenly paid attention vegetable cleaning, bones and fruit pits.Chef ... just pulled them down the sink.It turned out that GUSTOMAESTRO - first cooking school in Russia, passed on to the "kitchen is a full cycle."Now all the food waste shredded in dispouzere and go down the drain.

Recipes prepared on eco-cooking classes

Ribs of lamb with grilled zucchini and eggplant

you need:

lamb ribs

zucchini tomatoes eggplant

garlic saltpepper olive oil

sprig of basil sprig

oregano sprig of mint


lamb ribs marinating in olive oil with rosemary, crushed garlic, salt and pepper.Then fry on the grill.

Zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes cut into slices.Zucchini pickle in olive oil with mint and garlic.Pickle eggplant in olive oil with garlic and basil.Pickle tomatoes in olive oil with garlic and oregano.

Fry the vegetables on the grill.Spread on a plate tower.On either side exhibiting ribs grilled lamb.

Fruit tiramisu with peaches and cherries

On 5 servings you will need:

eggs - 5 pcs.
sugar - 80 g
cheese "Mascarpone" - 500 g
cookies "Savoyardy" - 15 pcs.
fresh orange juice - 500 ml
peach - 1 pc.
cherries - 100 g


separate the yolks from the whites.To the yolks add sugar and beat to a froth.To this we add the foam cheese "Mascarpone" and knead air mass.

squeezes orange juice.Cookies "Savoyardy" omitted in the fresh - so that it is not entirely soaked, and spread with cream layers: a layer of "Savoyardy" layer of cream, etc.

Top decorate fruit slices or sliced ​​or in the form of tartar (cherries previously purified from the seeds).