Eddie Murphy (Eddie Murphy): filmography and shows the actor.

Eddie Murphy ... The mere mention of his name causes the majority of moviegoers smile.World's favorite, "Comedian of Ages", a brilliant actor conversational genre, worked tirelessly machine slaughter of humor - just as it is not called.I think Eddie was born in order to cheer up everybody, forced to smile even inveterate pessimists.On account of Murphy almost one hundred and fifty works.Although we all know him as an actor, but Eddie showed himself also as a writer, producer, director.Annually out his film, Murphy plans to continue to please fans of his talent.


actor Eddie Murphy was born in New York on April 3, 1961 in a family of police.They were left without the main breadwinner when he was only 8 years old.After his father's death the children had difficulty, but soon his mother married a second time.Stepfather Eddie was lucky, because it is through observation of the man who for the usual antics of the child was able to see a real talent, the young man was able to demonstrate their abilities, find their way in life.

Murphy School pupil was the most popular, because it is not only amused classmates and friends, and teachers.Stepfather every encouragement to drag her stepson theater and cinema.He also helped the 15-year-old Eddie get in a youth club, where he earned money by acting as an actor conversational genre.His author thumbnails guy through the audience to tears of laughter from some visitors crawled under the table.

first success

fame of the immensely talented case of a black lad gradually consumed by the district.Once on his performance were the owners of the club "Comic Strip".Robert Wachs and Richard Tink were initially surprised by the reaction of visitors.People have become so enthusiastic welcome of the unknown young man, the men decided to see what this one vytvorit.

Murphy literally charmed Wax and Tink, so they decided to help him get on the transfer of "Saturday Night Live."At the time, it passed through a lot of talent, which later became famous.Eddie twice nominated for the "Emmy", his popularity grew exponentially.And this is not surprising, because its parody makes the audience laugh to tears.

successful film debut in the TV show

Murphy got what he wanted, so he began to move on, tried his hand at cinema.On the big screen, the young man appeared in 1982, his debut film was the police thriller "48 hours".Eddie charmed audiences and critics his comedic skills, his character is constantly rolled his eyes, talking, gesticulating actively.The success of the fighter was provided, and the young actor has gained worldwide popularity.

In 1983, Eddie Murphy filmography supplemented by another job.The actor has opened up new facets of his talent in the movie "Trading Places."His character - a petty crook, who by coincidence changed places with a successful financier.Character throughout tape ridiculed the powerful of this world, deceiving them, showing how ridiculous they look arrogance towards the poor.Comedy with Eddie Murphy viewers perceive with enthusiasm, this work is no exception.And that was only the beginning.

world's favorite cop

Multimillion revenues debut films and admiring reviews of film critics and viewers prompted the directors of the movie "Beverly Hills," the idea to give Eddie Murphy lead.His character - a cop who has lost a close friend.He can not investigate this murder, even to make the slightest part is not permitted.However, the hero Eddie does not intend to stand aside, he begins to unravel a dark matter as a private person.

image of the police is rather unusual, but at the same time, he invented and drawn from life.Murphy, as always, focuses on the social contrasts.Brilliant acting has done its job, motion picture entered the top ten grossing films of all time.Not a bit less success expected and the second part of the film "Beverly Hills-2", which was released in 1987.The film grossed $ 153 million.

black and white stripes in life Murphy

At the beginning of his creative career Eddie's luck, all of his films take the viewer on "hurray".Multimillion fees actor opened up new horizons, so without much thought, he founded the company "Eddie Murphy Productions."The main objective of the company - is to help beginners to black filmmakers, which at that time was not to break and easy.In 1988 Eddie Murphy Filmography replenished comedy "Coming to America," in which he played an African Prince.The film directed by Landis worked as a dark-skinned, and all the actors were also "colored."The company also withdrew Murphy films "Without polishing," to work on it was brought Townsend.

then Eddie started losing streak in "Harlem Nights", he tried his hand as a director, but the film was a failure."Beverly Hills Cop 3," "Boomerang" and "Vampire in Brooklyn" also fell short of high expectations creators, and audiences with film critics very sluggishly reacted to the appearance of films on the big screen.

Return to the cinematic Olympus

audience with great enthusiasm and anticipation of pleasure from watching greeted comedy starring Eddie Murphy.List of the best films of this actor can not be imagined without the film "The Nutty Professor."The creative career marked decline continued until 1996, but then Eddie reminded himself, starring in the comedy, not only as the main character, but also all members of the family played a professor.The film "The Nutty Professor" has become one of the best in comedy and has collected an impressive fee.

Then came such films with Eddie Murphy as "Holy Man," "Doctor Dolittle" tragicomedy "Life."In the movie "Cool guy" actor has played a dual role, which greatly surprised both critics and audiences.Eddie is very convincingly played the simpleton and the star, many could not believe that this is one and the same person.Most of the work Murphy received praise and earned considerable sums, although some films were still not up to par.

best movies with Eddie Murphy

him without compunction can be considered the best comedy actor, to his credit a lot of brilliant works, but will focus on those who have caused the most excitement in the audience.Fourth reel of film actor "Beverly Hills" has become a landmark for Eddie.In 1984, he became famous and loved worldwide.Its a bit eccentric, but such a simple and intuitive character immediately liked multimillion audience.The second and third parts of the film were also fine, but the first can not compare them.

In 1996, Murphy blew all the comedy "The Nutty Professor", this film works perfectly reveals the many facets of his talent.In 2000, the second part of the film, and it is also perceived by audiences and critics to "Cheers."In 2002 Eddie Murphy Filmography replenished films "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," in 2003 - "Duty Dad" and "The Haunted Mansion."The audience was also subdued voice acting all the parts of the "Shrek", Murphy's voice talking to the irrepressible donkey.Of the latter, we should mention action comedy "Tower Heist," which Eddie played a thief slide.

Shaw Eddie Murphy

What was the first sign of work to do Murphy's famous and popular?It was not a movie, concert and TV show "Eddie Murphy: nonsense."Performance lasts 70 minutes, and all this time the audience sees and hears only one actor, but the time flies by, and at the end of the show is no longer sufficient strength to laugh.No comedy with Eddie Murphy can not match the quantity and quality of humor with this brilliant work.

At the time, the actor was only 22 years old, and he did not have enough experience, but TV shows exploded Americans and Eddie made himself the idol of millions.Murphy, without fear, criticized the country's leadership, resounded in the dust of celebrities such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, made fun of rich people, telling comedic stories from his life and his family people.This show can be called one of his best works.

Life actor

Personal life Murphy's more like a soap opera, it seems that watching the multi series and watch the ups and downs of the life of his characters.He is the father of many children, and children from different mothers.Five years Eddie met with model Nicole Mitchell in 1993, the couple legalized their relationship.Unfortunately, the marriage ended in divorce in 2006.Then we had a relationship with a party to the group Spice Girls Melanie Brown.Their romance was actively discussed tabloids, this time Murphy drew the attention of that cast girlfriend pregnant and refused to acknowledge paternity.Whatever it was, but an analysis of the DNA, which is confirmed by the fact that Angel Iris - the daughter of Eddie.

According to recent reports, the actor's personal life began to build, he now meets with the singer Toni Braxton.Repeatedly in the press there were reports of court cases, the institution at Eddie for alleged plagiarism and even sexual harassment.And Murphy suffers from sudden bouts of melancholy, so constantly under the supervision of a psychoanalyst.

Interesting facts from the biography

  • good sense of humor made Eddie the most popular guy in school.
  • Murphy offered to become the leading awards ceremony "Oscar" in 2012, but he refused.
  • actor like professional wrestling with Hulk Hogan.
  • As long as became popular, Murphy played supporting roles.
  • In 30 years, Eddie became a billionaire and received the title of "World star comedy."
  • about his talent Murphy said in 15 years with the youth club scene, acting as a stand-up comedian.
  • April 3, 2007, the birthday of the actor, was born from his daughter Melanie Brown, Angel Iris.