Correct management - the basis of the financial health of any enterprise.

Broadly, management is a set of actions - uniform on several grounds - which are directed towards a specific purpose and subject to the general management tseli.Funktsii management - it is a certain type of activity that stood apart in the specialization of labor managers.

In control theory the majority of authors highlights: general management, as well as their subordinate special features upravleniya.Osnovnye control functions - are activities not related to the specific characteristics of a managed object.For all the subjects of management, they are obschimi.Kak usually shared (main) control functions include: - planning - motivation.- Organization and coordination; - regulatory functions and management functions kontrolya.Obschie must be performed in each unit, at any management level.

The main feature of the main functions is vzaimoproniknovenie.Rassmotrim management podrobno.Planirovanie is a statement of objects and purposes of the program to achieve them.Scheduling function - leading to the control loop, since the execution of the other functions is subject to the general objectives of achieving tseli.Motivatsiya is a process of stimulating a specific individual or group of people to work towards the achievement of the objectives organizatsii.Funktsiya organization ensures achievement of the objectives, ieis the process of forming the structure of the enterprise, enabling people together effectively rabotat.Pod control refers to activities relative state of the object with the intended purposes.Monitoring is not a one-off action, but a continuous process, which is the same as in its development with the movement of production cycles, within which passes through three stages: the definition of standards of functioning of the enterprise, which must be controlled;analysis and measurement of actually achieved by the target date of the results;making the necessary adjustments.Appeared deviations can lead either to urgent intervention in the activities of the company, or to a revision of the plans, and in some cases - to change its system of tseley.Iskhodya time monitoring can be divided into three kinds: preliminary, current and final.

Regulation is an activity through which the characteristics of the support system to the desired path, and aimed at preventing or correcting failures in the operation of the business in relation to the management tseli.Konkretnye meant by a function defined as belonging to the functioning of the management organizationa whole or to certain stages of the production of feature protsessa.Iskhodya impact on the activity of the enterprise as a whole, to specific (special) features include: a prospective and current social and economic planning;economic analysis;accounting and reporting;standartizatsiya.Iskhodya sign of the impact on the individual stages of the production process, such features include: - Management of the technical preparation of the production process - the main organization of the production process - the service organization of the production process - from the sign marketing.Iskhodya effect on specific factors of production, toSpecial features include: payroll management and organization of work;personnel Management;organization of financial activities.

Ultimately, all management functions have one common goal - to effectively manage personnel and stimulate the process of production, which is the foundation of financial well-being lyuboggo enterprise.