What is the name of a lemur "Madagascar": three hundred grams of emotion from DreamWorks

Ā«MadagascarĀ» blew up the charts worldwide, despite its plainness and significant bias in cartoons for children.The famous lemur from "Madagascar" emblazoned on the canisters, bags, T-shirts and dresses, and admirers cite it and do not stop to melt his huge eyes.

secondary characters

Some viewers loved cartoon serial was due to the presence in it nice lemur.Every child who was lucky enough to watch this cartoon, knows the name of a lemur from "Madagascar" and the discussion of the behavior of a funny little animal does not subside either at school or at home.To say what he touches the viewer, it is a snap: a likeable character, whose duty is to awaken the viewer a sense of extreme emotion, is present in every cartoon.Perhaps in this way the filmmakers expanded audience, assuring themselves spectators to ten years.However, there is also a feeling that the characters are simply equate the atmosphere of the cartoon, in contrast to the "manly" characters and introducing a certain variety in the plot.

Mort and Audience Award

remarkable but little lemur is not even the main character of the cartoon.He occasionally appears on-screen, accompanied by his fellow lemurs and dilutes the overall atmosphere of emotion picture.Sometimes it is loud emotion: some viewers, especially the fair sex, their enthusiasm for the little babbling lemur express aloud.The audience-men prefer to just keep quiet, mentally mark the identity of the character and to recognize that the level of his grace really rolls.Interestingly, the name of the hero is not so often heard.The question of the name of a lemur from "Madagascar", is really urgent.Spectators emphasize more on how the baby looks like and how it behaves, and his name is forgotten before the end of the cartoon.Usually, however, remember the good name of the lemur king Julian.But the kid who always got under the hand because of its naivety, named Mort.

love can not be

learn how to name lemur from "Madagascar" did not even know each reviewer, who was not too lazy to leave your own review on this cartoon.In general, such a phenomenon, when the viewer does not remember or even the names of the characters, or forgets them in the first seconds of titles, not uncommon.The same thing happens to us when we read literary works.We well remember the sequence of events, sometimes for several weeks delay in memory the names of the main characters, but beyond that it almost never is.Only if the movie is a franchise, and the book is a continuation of the author can count on the fact that the viewer or reader will remember the name of the main character.In the case of "Madagascar" is not so simple - a small lemur, though worried about the audience emotionally, but too little flashes on the screen that he is well remembered.That is why the question of the name of a lemur from "Madagascar", so often asked in social networks and online questionnaires.

During that same love of small and stupid?

Very often, the attitude to the popular character the viewer is improved if he has a feeling of pity.The same thing happens in life, but in the real world, we hardly ever find such a miracle, like a small lemur in "Madagascar."By Mort is not very good is the object of his adoration - King Julian.Therefore, the viewer, who sees the devotion and love meet such neglect, immediately wake up the most tender feelings for this character.Poor Mort is not trying to curry favor with the king, he just genuinely respected him and always wanted to follow him, and this noble impulse meets nothing but irritation.That's nobility in the soul of the viewer is angry, and he begins to love in spite of all the little Mort.In all other respects, this character is not bright and unlikely to be remembered by the viewer, if not touching appearance and the same behavior.Such heroes as Mort, awaken in us all that is human and is reminiscent of a pet, which is already a few days in vain waiting for our precious attention.