How to sew a quilt

All kinds of hobbies today more relevant than ever, especially among girls and women, so loving in every way to decorate your home.In addition to the needlework classes well "pushes" the opportunity to have the house completely exclusive and unique things that no one else there.Especially good in this sense patchwork.This sewing all you want, from a variety of disparate scraps of fabric.Similarly, the method can be made even though the original curtains, bedspreads though, even pillows.But today we'll show you how the remnants of my grandmother's dressing gowns and skirts sew stunning quilt.So you usefully apply unnecessary, but also the whole cloth, and at the same time update the look of old, but beloved and warm blankets.Even the most simple and straightforward way to - stitching square patches - transform the product.If addicted, you can continue to create true patchwork masterpieces that will be very appropriate gift to friends and family.

So, to sew a quilt with your hands, you need to start to

determine the size.For example, to double bedspreads will need to cut 49 squares with sides of 32 cm. Fabric take "variegated", both in color and texture.The main thing is that the total combination of pieces pleasing to the eye.Lay the cut squares in seven rows (seven patches in each).This will allow you to see the overall picture will look like your future patchwork.While the pieces are not sewn, it is possible to shift their places, until you achieve the most harmonious combination.When you are happy, you will only have to sew them in the same order in which they were posted.Connect it simple: two adjacent folded rag with one another inside out and stitched by a typewriter on the edge, indented one centimeter.After that you need to deploy a seam sewn up and at its center an iron to iron.When a series of seven pieces will be ready, proceed to the next, and so as long as you do not stay in the hands of seven equal length patchwork stripes.They sew along the length and seams as well proutyuzhivaem.If you have a serger, the edges of the product can be treated with them.Or flash "zigzag".

You hold almost finished quilt - or rather, the upper part of his cover.The lower part is not necessary to sew patchwork, whole leaf is fine, for example, taffeta.Its size must match the size of the square that we have just produced.Sostrachivaem both parts around the perimeter, leaving the non-crosslinked only a small gap through which the resulting gut-wrenching case and puts it in our old, beloved blanket.Well straighten his hand on the corners and hiding the seam to sew up the hole.A couple of moments - and the quilt will be completely ready.All that's left - a quilt it and, if desired, decorate with accessories.For this gypsy needle sews through the product in places where converge the corners of the squares.In the same place you can sew fabric flowers, ribbons or whatever you want.

As you can see, it's not too difficult, for one day it is possible to cope.In the same way, you can make a baby quilt.Your child is sure to become even more comfortable to sleep under it.