Psalms and other religious literature in the Internet-shop 'Russian Pilgrim'

paraphrase the famous dictum of the philosopher Darius, we can say that money can not make a person rich, it is only capable of spirituality.Only a high morality and following to the Divine to the principles of are transforming human, are doing it lighter and cleaner.Rather big role in shaping the best moral character plays Orthodox literature.

Internet-shop "Russian Pilgrim" offers a rich selection of books on the spiritual, philosophical, historical themes, audio recordings and feature films.Here you can buy the book, which is a stronghold of the Christian faith - the Bible, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Gospel, Psalter .It is possible to order the expensive leather-bound editions, rare and antique books, colorful albums on a good paper, collected works of the Holy Fathers.They can be bought for themselves, they can become memorable and expensive gift closest people.

Prayer - book required in every home where the canons of Orthodox worship.Prayer Christians thank God, asking his forg

iveness and blessings requested to take care of themselves and their loved ones.Even if the house has a full prayer book, you can order a small size edition containing only the main prayers, so that you can take with you on a trip.

in demand books describing the lives of the saints, patristic literature.The book "How to be saved in the world?" Provides tips Orthodox Fathers as to get away from the temptations and temptations, and labor Archpriest Gregory Dyachenko "Before Holy Communion" tells the story of the sacrament of Holy Communion, and how to prepare for it properly.

There is no Orthodox Christian who is not interested in the way of Christ to earth.On the last days of his life he tells us in his book, the preacher Archbishop Innocent of Kherson.It is easy, in the same breath to read the book by Alexander Torik , they contain the answers to many questions, and a trilogy of Flavian has become the most widely read work of Christian literature in recent years.

those who are just discovering the Orthodox faith and its importance in the life and the salvation of souls, it is recommended to read the Orthodox catechism, which contains the necessary instructions.It helps to understand the truth, to know how to begin to live in faith.

People are creative, curious will be interesting book about the Orthodox painting of the icon painter, and the secret of their masterpieces, historical works about the royal family, unique editions of poems and songs for children and adults.Assortment of of printed products is wide enough - dictionaries and reference books, calendars and guidebooks, books on Orthodox cookery and upbringing of children - everyone can pick up to itself literature on soul.

Shop "Russian Pilgrim" is constantly implementing the latest issue of the magazine "Russian pilgrim" and "Sophia the Wisdom of God."Here you can buy with delivery by mail or courier audio CDs with songs, prayers, sermons, the sounds of temple bells and Christian films.Shop sells icons, frankincense, and wax candles.