Olive oil in cosmetics

The benefits of olive oil has long been known.This extremely valuable natural product is used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.But it is equally popular olive oil in cosmetology.On the basis of preparing masks and creams for the skin, hair, nails, and even eyelashes.Homemade recipes with olive oil and use a long time.Even our grandmothers natural oil rubbed into the scalp to get rid of dandruff and stop hair loss.It is known that olive oil is rich in lecithin, protein, minerals, vitamins E, D and A, polyunsaturated acids.Oil perfectly cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes the skin and improves its elasticity.

olive oil in cosmetics most often used for the care of aging and dry skin.The tool is well softens the skin and allows for a long time to keep it moisture without clogging pores while.In addition, oil promotes cell regeneration, its regular use for a long time allows you to keep young and healthy looking skin.This is not only the formation of new wrinkles and significantly reduces

the existing ones.

Olive oil is used in cosmetics, not only for individuals but also for the body.Thanks to the large amounts of vitamin E, the tool helps to get rid of dry skin, prevent stretch marks and disguise those that have recently emerged, for example, after childbirth.Olive oil is used in cosmetic preparations for hair masks conducive to their growth.Many also use olive oil for eyelashes.It has been observed that the oil contributes to better growth of eyelashes and nourishes them.With regular use of funds on the basis of oil eyelashes become fluffy and soft.

Olive oil facial

mask for all skin types

2 tbsp.tablespoons dill (chopped), mix with a spoon (teaspoon) of olive oil, add density to ground oatmeal.As a result, you should get a fairly thick paste, which is applied to the face of a layer of 1 cm. The weight is applied for 20 minutes.

mask for aging skin

quarter Grind lemon zest, add a raw egg yolk and a teaspoon of oil.To get a thick mixture, add ground oatmeal.The mixture should be thoroughly mixed.The mass is applied for 20 minutes.on the face and neck.This mask, with regular use helps to smooth out wrinkles.

Olive Oil Body

Oil for skin elasticity

rub into damp skin after showering olive oil.Wipe tool does not need to dress up, you can after the oil dries.Olive oil is used for the body and in a mixture with salt that can make the skin more elastic and silky.Mass rubbed in a circular motion into the skin of the feet and hands, wash off the mixture with warm water.

Bath with olive oil

bath Add the olive oil and 50 ml of milk.The procedure should last at least 20 minutes.This bath helps to get rid of dry skin.You can prepare in advance, and a mixture of 500 ml of oil mixed with rose petals (400 gr.), Insist week, strain.In the bath add 5 tablespoons.spoonfuls of the mixture.

mask for décolleté

Mix the cottage cheese, eggs and butter.The mixture was a thick layer of 20 min.applied to the neckline.

lotion for prevention of stretch marks

grated carrots pour boiled cold water and leave on 20 minutes, then how to overcome carrots, can be through cheesecloth.The oil was added to the resulting juice.As a result, the mixture should be the consistency of thick lotion.This liquid overnight rubbed into the area where there is stretch.Keep the mixture should be refrigerated.

olive oil for eyelashes

to strengthen eyelashes mixed olive, almond, burdock and castor oil, add fish oil and vitamin E. The mixture is applied liberally to the lashes, after 30 minutes.the remains are removed with a cotton swab.Such treatment is carried out courses.

Olive Oil Hair

Masks for hair growth

Beat 2 egg yolks, mix with olive oil (30 ml).The mixture is spread evenly over the hair, hold for half an hour.Wash weight using shampoo.You can just heat the oil in a water bath, and spread evenly through the hair with a comb with a few teeth.Then head wrapped with a towel, hold the mask 20 minutes.

nourishing mask for dry hair

Mix honey (1 tbsp. Spoon), 2 eggs and olive oil (5 tablespoons. Spoons).The mixture was applied for 20 minutes, washed and rinsed broth grass.