The impact of color on a child and color therapy

has long been proven that different colors have different effects on people.This is especially true for children, whose psyche is not so stable and easily excitable.

Influence of color on the baby not only must take into account when placing his room, buying him clothes and toys, but also can be used for a kind of "color therapy" to help your child develop more harmoniously and grow healthy.

Penetrating into the child's brain, photons of light have different effects on certain light-dependent hormones - hence the different effects that the colors produced on the little guy.

In fact, what is the favorite color of your child, you can better understand his character, as well as - what it lacks.Most small children love bright shades of red and yellow - an expression of their activity, the desire to act and to explore the world, to enjoy life.

How different colors affect children?

Blue and Blue

These colors uspokivayut, relieves stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, can even reduce the temperature and slow down the spread of infection, relieve pain.In these colors, what is called "resting eye."

Purple and Lilac

It is also soothing colors used in color therapy, but their excess can lead to depression - so pay attention to the state of mind of the child if it pulls the data tones.

It is possible that the kid who likes all of violet and purple, ispytavaet spiritual discomfort and seeks peace.


Relieves fatigue, headaches, stabilizes blood pressure, calms the nerves, banishes fatigue.True, this color can also be boring and seem to drive into depression, so it around the child should not be too much.


This color radiates like heat activates all the forces of the body, sometimes even cure the common cold, stimulates metabolism and heart activity.

However, this color has to be careful - if it is too much in the life of the baby, the baby may become irritable, moody and will be tired.


believed that this joyful color strengthens the nervous system and vision.The schools often paint the walls in yellow to adjust the students a positive way and to remove eye fatigue.


Improves digestion and thyroid useful for problems with the stomach and intestines.According to nutritionists, Orange may even improve the appetite.

Council parents

Surrounding your child with different colors, make sure that they are in harmony with each other and with the fact that you need kid what he ispytavaet greatest need, to give him what the child is particularly lacking.

To determine this, observe your child - what color he likes, what his character, what his physical and psychological condition.For color therapy can also be used special medical lenses are inserted into their designated lamps.Supplement your kid's life with the color that it is most needed.