Carders - who is it?

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Once coined the cards, people breathed a sigh of relief.We all have hope that wages are now never disappear from the pocket in an unknown direction.If a person does not tell anyone PIN-code of the card and paying it in places that are of dubious reputation, the money will not be lost.Everything seemed to be fine.But this is not so.Fraud on the Internet are very common.And in order to avoid them, you need to be extremely cautious.Today, our paper is devoted to the next question: "Carders - who is it?".

What is it?

Carding - type of fraud in which certain actions are carried out with a plastic card of any person without his consent.Whether it is developed in Russia?According to law enforcement authorities on the territory of our country and karderstvo hacking virtually absent.However, in the late nineties, they prospered.Want to know carders - who is it?Con artists who specialize in removing money from other people's cards.Carding developed today in western countries, where a large number of entertainment venues and resorts.Such actions fall under article 159 of the Criminal Code "Fraud".But usually before the court such cases do not reach.

fraudsters extract details

Details cards carders mined hacking methods.That is breaking into online shopping, payment systems, personal computers, stealing confidential information.To obtain the necessary information carders actively used and phishing - fraudulent, in which people in many ways misleading and forced to register on a fake site.In other words, users voluntarily disclosed to third parties confidential information.

Learn more about phishing

First, pay card purchases or services in shops and so on. P. In fact not so safe.Unscrupulous employees who have access to the data that drives people on the site for buying, can take advantage of them.To do this, create a dummy Internet businesses.Hapless users come once "happy" news that their payment for the delivery of tons of bananas from South Africa, or something like that.In other words, a dummy firm sells 'air', and the money from the account to pay for his shot very real.

Such schemes are quite common, so pay online using secure payment systems than using your card.And scammers are not only in online stores, they can be found in popular social networks.For example, some time ago the service "Fotostrana", which belongs to the people from a post-Soviet republic was ranked in potentially dangerous.There is a large number of cases, when users of this social network to buy the domestic currency service or pay for some services credit card, and after some time from the account without their knowledge began to withdraw funds.The money goes to pay bonuses in games or purchase any views, impressions, and other services that are provided in this social network.

Forgery sites

The most common variant of phishing - fake sites.Suppose some craftsmen create a site that is very similar to an online store, where people pay with their cards.At one point, a user comes to e-mail a letter to the "administration" of the store or other service requests follow the link and make some manipulations.We need this in order to confirm the security settings, or use some other excuse.

user passes the link goes to a page that its design is very similar to the familiar site of him, where he used to buy something.Then he enters their personal data there.Now scammers can make purchases on the Internet at the user card.Allegations of fraud to file useless: find someone who cranks such schemes is virtually impossible.You can protect yourself simply.Do not pass on dubious links.Serious organization never sends such letters to their users to the post office.In addition, you should regularly update your browser.All popular browsers are high-quality anti-phishing program that regularly improved.


This is another way to steal money from the account.The scheme is simple enough.An unfamiliar person calls the customer of the bank and represented employees.Next, the client is invited to enter a touch-tone phone personal data, ostensibly to restore the system after the "failure".Trusting people instantly puts their card numbers and PINs.The emphasis is on the fact that it must be done as quickly as possible.Fraudsters do not give time for reflection.It makes people forget about safety and do what is asked, because the money at stake.After a person discloses their data, polite "bank employee" goodbye.And for a specified time, usually small, means the card disappear.This also falls under Article 159 of the Criminal Code "Fraud".But the deceived person is of little help.Serve in a police statement fraud is useless.Find swindler almost impossible.


This is one of the types of carding.Skimmer - is a device that can be used to capture the required information from magnetic tapes on plastic cards.Officially, these devices appeared in 2002 in Europe.Perhaps they were created much earlier, but until this year on the skimmers any information missing.

device is composed of two parts.The first - a fake receiver receiving credit cards.It is attached to the ATM.It is used to read information from the card.If a person has long enjoyed the services of a particular ATM, then it will be easy to detect forgery appeared.But the people who came to him for the first time, make it difficult.Therefore, this method is popular in places where large numbers of people are moving.

How to protect yourself from this type of fraud?It is necessary to carefully examine the terminal for bank cards.Once the card is inserted in kartpriemnik, picture appears on the panel of the ATM.It is to compare this image with an ATM if the differences found, it is reasonable to refrain from carrying out operations.

second part of the skimmer - a fake keyboard.It is necessary to obtain information on the PIN code.The keyboard is integrated chip, through which mobile phone scams are sent SMS messages.Determine the fake is not so difficult.This keyboard to highlight the plane ATM.When a person enters it your PIN number, it is immediately sent to the scammers via SMS.

What do carders information received

Once the desired information comes to fraudsters, they record the information to the other cards.Usually, it does not have any logos or external design in general.These cards are called "white plastic".With their help the attackers to withdraw money from any ATM.In rare cases, high-grade fakes are made of existing credit cards, which are used to pay for goods in the shops.This is one of the schemes used by fraudsters.Plastic cards of this type are typically used once, then throw them out.

Which countries are popular among carders

Carder attract highly developed countries with advanced computer technologies.It is easier to collect the necessary information on the Internet and construct the necessary devices.Also important is the democratic structure of the country where human rights are actively promoted.If carder caught by the police, it will be easier to escape punishment or to escape minimal.In third world countries carding deal with quite difficult.

Firstly, there is a problem with computer technology, and sometimes even hard to find a good online.Second, in a country carder if caught, the punishment will be severe.For this reason, scammers prefer to Western Europe and North America.The most dangerous settlements with the popular resorts and the many places of entertainment.


answer to the question of carders - who it is, we already know.Here's how to save your money and avoid becoming a victim of fraud?Let's start with the fact that the same skimming starts slowly disappearing.Banks are trying to take care of its customers and regularly improved and updated equipment.Now popular ATMs, with built-in protection from the skimmers.It works as follows.Plastic cards are accepted ATM, and then the device partially pushes it out.Then she accepted an ATM completely.This sequence disrupts the skimmers, and they can not fully read the data.

recommended to use ATMs, which are located directly next to the bank.It is desirable that there were plenty of security cameras.As mentioned above, you should very carefully examine the ATM outside.If something suspicious, it is wiser to go elsewhere.The safest time for withdrawal - is from 9 am to 11 days.Typically, in this interval ATMs check servants and police officers.

Internet Security

So carders - who is it?Fraudsters, whose purpose - to withdraw money from plastic cards of people by any means.With regard to security on the Internet, you should carefully store their personal data.Never tell anyone they transmit or send e-mail.You should also refrain from imposing personal information on suspicious websites.Serious organization or a payment system will never ask the user to send or post anywhere passwords or PIN codes in plain text.