How to paint eyes

about how to properly paint the eyes, want to know everything a woman.Even in the most ancient times they managed to do a very simple makeup with her hands.Nowadays, it's much easier.There is a huge selection of different cosmetics, literally on all occasions.But how to use them do not know everything, but in fact from the right make-up depends a great deal!

There can be no definite answer to the question: how to paint eyes?For each girl a make-up must be chosen, which will be right for it, because all people are unique.For someone a certain makeup will look incredibly beautiful, on the other - a vulgar and provocative.But probably all agree that the key to really perfect makeup is the right color combinations, and taking into account the type of person.

How to paint eyes

Naturally, the first time all may not succeed.After all, how to learn to paint woman's eye immediately, but gradually master this art.The main thing - constant training, when the arm is already packed correctly to paint eyes w

ill be much easier.You should start with the preparation of the skin.It must be clear, and it is desirable to moisten.To do this is to apply a small amount of cream to the area around the eyes and gently drive into the skin with fingertips.In this case, make-up will not be spread evenly and lies, and the shadows will not crumble.

You can then proceed to cover up various defects.It can be dark circles, any pimples, freckles.Concealers, you can select any, the main thing is that it should be applied to the eyelid itself.Then the color of the shadows will be more saturated, bright and uniform, and they will not slide.

Then you can begin to do makeup directly himself.Makeup artists differ in their opinions about what to do in the first place - to impose a shade or draw the eye.Many people recommend to begin with eyeliner, but it can be overwritten during application of shadows and become less noticeable.If you want to shade the line, the first is to draw the eye.

usually use two shades of shadow - darker and lighter.For the day, the usual make-up suit muted shades, and for the evening - brighter.Light shadows painted the upper eyelid.And in the crease, which is available on the upper eyelid, applied dark shadows.In this way the eyes look wide open.Dark shadows should be well feather, which is necessary to use a large brush.Bring the shade can be almost to his eyebrows.On the inside of the eyelid can cause a little pearl shades.The look will be more open.

next step - to draw the eye.You can do eyeliner, pencil, and a very dark shadows.If you stroke the eye with a pencil, start from the middle of the century, and gradually move to the edge.This should be done in small precise strokes.Attach this line can be shadows, while during the day it will not be lubricated.Eyeliner eyeliner from the inner corner you need one precise movement without taking your hands.The line must be perfect, because it catches the eye.Any flaw can easily ruin all previous efforts.The ability to use eye better trained in advance when you're not in a hurry.To make-up was a natural, thin line to do.

and final stage is the staining of eyelashes.Before you begin to apply mascara, lashes can be curled special comb.So they will look more fluffy and voluminous.It is convenient to paint eyelashes, holding a brush slowly left and right.Before applying a second coat of mascara, you need to dry out a bit first.

Hopefully the above tips have helped to learn how to paint and make your eyes look magnetic and fascinating.