Scarlett Johansson - Filmography, biography and personal life.

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The image of the attractive blonde with fluttering hair, plump lips and seductive figure of - here's the first association, which occurs in people at the mention of behalf of Scarlett Johanson.But in reality, this girl is far from formulaic stereotypes.She prefers character roles as an actress and a proactive stance as a citizen of their country.


Scarlett Johansson, whose filmography is considered in this article, was born in 1984, November 22, in New York.Her father, Karsten Johansson, a native of Denmark, studied architecture.Grandpa actress - famous Danish writer, director and screenwriter Ayner Johansson.Scarlett's mom, Melanie Sloan, is of Jewish origin.Actress - Jr. child in the family, she has a sister Vanessa (1980) and brother Adrian (1976).


Parents future actress divorced when she was young.Constant quarrels father and mother, their painful break affected state of mind of Scarlett.She did not just say that sorrow for various reasons, and this sadness came when her parents separated.Director of the film "North" (1994), in which Johansson made his debut as a film actress, recalled that during the shooting of the girl could easily cry.According to him, the thought of his parents, to sort things out for nothing, Scarlett evoked tears.

When parents divorce, Johansson began to live in two cities - New York, where her father, and Los Angeles, where she lived mom.In New York, Scarlett attended acting school Lee Strasberg, but the actress began his career in Los Angeles, played in 1992 with Ethan Hawke in the off-Broadway production of "Sophistry".In 2002 she graduated from the school in Manhattan.

Early career

Scarlett Johansson, who began filmography replenished quite early, first appeared on stage at age 9, and 11 have "lit up" in the same frame with Sean Connery.The first role of a girl called positive associations among the audience.The newspaper "The Sun" Scarlett called the news "... Merry Little Pigs from the Disney cartoon ...".

Films with Scarlett Johansson, the list of which is sufficiently large and diverse, encouraging loyal fans of the actress.His first role she played along with Elijah Wood in the film "North".Rob Reiner, the director of this film, recalled that the talent of the young Scarlett was nothing for children.The girl gave the impression of lost faith in the life of a middle-aged lady, picky and demanding.

Several subsequent studies Scarlett in the movie go unnoticed by audiences and critics, but in 1996 the actress managed to get a nomination for "Independent Spirit Awards" as the best performer of female roles in the film "Manny and Lo."Known in the United States Johansson became once starred in "The Exorcist," directed by Robert Redford in 1998.

The first successes in the cinema

After this Scarlett, being already recognizable an actress, periodically appeared on the screens of of cinemas in the films of varying quality.Significant role she played in the film "Ghost World" and "The Man Who Was not There."But the really great success Johanson brought the role of Charlotte in the film Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation."Released in 2003, the film won the audience on both sides of the Atlantic.She gained the status of one of the leading actresses in Hollywood, has received a number of prestigious awards and nominations for the MTV Movie.She went to «BAFTA» as the best actress, she was among the nominees for "Golden Globe" in the category of "Best performer of comedy and musical."

In the same year, Scarlett Johansson, parameters, which looks completely appropriate to the director Peter Webber on the young ladies of the XVII century, played the role of a maid Griet in the film "Girl with a Pearl Earring."The image of the muse of the famous Dutch painter Jan Vermeer, who inspired him to create "north of Mona Lisa" has gone talented girl so that she again was nominated for the "Golden Globe", this time for best actress in a drama, and the prize «BAFTA».

In 2004, Scarlett Johansson, whose filmography shows a variety of works won an invitation to the American Film Academy.Each year, members of this community award "Oscar".That same year, the actress managed to get his third nomination for the "Golden Globe" for participation in the shooting of a low-budget picture, "Love Fever".

film "The Island»

In 2005, Scarlett Johansson, height, weight, which is very advantageous to look on the silver screen, she starred as a clone of the famous model in the movie "The Island".Big-budget fantasy thriller has collected nearly $ 180 million at the box office, but the producer of the film, this result seemed very modest.Actress accused that she could not his name to attract a wider audience.

Scarlett relationship with the creators of film "The Island" has soured on the set.She insisted that the bed scene with Ewan McGregor in the frame was visible naked breasts of her character.However, the opinion of the actress in the calculation was taken.Johansson was forced to wear a bra.Scarlett rarely agrees to star in blockbusters.Perhaps this is due to the unpleasant memories of the shootings in the film "The Island".

roles in the films of Woody Allen

Films with Scarlett Johansson, the list of which would be incomplete without a mention of her work in the comic strip, always attract attention.Painting "Match Point", filmed in 2005, it proved to be an actor much more successful.Film Woody Allen won the critics, grossed $ 80 million in the ordinary budget for the director of 15 million and brought Scarlett another nomination for "Golden Globe".

Then she played the role of a cute American students in Allen's new comedy "Scoop."The heroine of the novel Johansson ties with the English aristocrat, played by Hugh Jackman, to conduct its own investigation into the chain of bizarre murders in London.The famous director warmly about his work with a girl finds her very talented and beautiful.

projects with Scarlett Johansson

In 2006, rolling out the thriller "The Black Dahlia," Brian De Palma with the actress.The film is based on real events and tells of the murder of a young Elizabeth Short in the 40s in Hollywood.Scarlett Johansson, whose filmography gained another vivid way, on the set of "Black Orchid" was in the company of Josh Hartnett, Aaron Eckhart and Hilary Swank.At the same time the actress was able to declare itself in two interesting reel of film, "The Nanny Diaries" and "Prestige".Scarlett also starred in an adventurous thriller "Brilliant," directed by Barry Levinson.

historical drama "Another Boleyn Girl" - one of the last projects connected with the name of the actress.Scarlett Johansson, whose role has always made a strong impression on the audience, it has played the sister of Anne Boleyn, Mary.Family drama in the life of the royals revolves around the struggle for the heart and bed of King Henry VIII Tudor.In this picture Scarlett removed with Eric Bana and Natalie Portman.

In 2010, Johansson was involved in the filming of the movie "Iron Man 2", where she performed the role of special agent Natasha Romanova.This character is very artist Artist the actress.She claims that her character is not afraid of dirt and pain, always in great shape and looks like a luxurious blonde, which she often has to portray on the screen.Scarlett Johansson looks beautiful without makeup, but in the form of steep spy simply delicious.The actress agreed to play Natasha Romanov in "The Avengers" in 2012, soon will hire a continuation of the film "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" where Scarlett appears again as a favorite of the audience, "the black widow".

actress received a star with his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Solemn event took place in 2012, 2 of May.

Other activities

Johansson tried herself as a singer.In 2008, May 20, Scarlett released her first musical album «Anywhere I Lay My Head», where she made her debut as a singer.The following year she recorded another album with Peter Yorn.The actress is very movie versions, it is often invited to star in music videos.She appeared in the scene together with Bob Dylan and Justin Timberlake.Bright appearance and big name Johansson attract the attention of the creators of world famous brands.She became the face of the advertising campaign perfume company «CalvinKlein», signed a cooperation agreement with the "L'Oreal".

political views

In addition, she is actively involved in the political life of the country and in 2004 was involved in the election campaign, US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, John Kerry.The actress is known for her active lifestyle.For example, in 2014, she has stopped cooperation with the organization "Oxfam".Controversy began after a campaign to boycott products made in Israel.The actress was involved in advertising production Israeli firm «SodaStream», because of what the leaders of some pro-Arab groups have accused it of supporting the so-called Israeli Apartheid.This opinion is shared by members of "Oxfam".Scarlett has officially stated that it considers the concept of the company «SodaStream» creative, supports the idea of ​​peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs and to prevent discrimination in the activity of either of the other side.

Religious beliefs

Scarlett religious, her road concepts, grafted parents in early childhood.As her father and mother - the representatives of different nationalities and religions, she equally and celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah.Johansson against mentioning the name of God in public, she denounces our colleagues, thanking Jesus while receiving various awards.

Loud novels

Scarlett Johansson without makeup looks very nice, fresh and natural.Of course, such an attractive girl a lot of fans.The actress says monogamy unnatural way of life for man and denies rumors about his promiscuity with various partners.In 2006, the girl revealed that delivers tested for HIV twice a year and accused of irresponsibility of those who do not.On account of Scarlett - several high-profile romances with famous personalities.She met with Benicio Del Toro and Jared Leto.

actress met on the set of "Wild Orchid" with Josh Hartnett, and after a while they became a couple.However, their romance is ended in 2006.Johansen is credited relations with all the attractive men who are with her on the set, such as Mark Wahlberg and Justin Timberlake.Scarlett says she was tired of trying to press to ascribe it another gentleman with whom she often did not even know.


In May 2008, the actress has officially announced her engagement to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds.September 27 young people got married in one of the mountain resorts in the Vancouver area.However, in 2010 the couple broke up.After a year on the Internet were lined stolen photo of the girl, in which she was captured naked.Scarlett stated that scandalous snapshots she sent to her husband Reynolds-three years before the of incident.The investigation into the incident, the perpetrator was found, and he, in addition to imprisonment, faces a fine of 66,179 dollars.

In November 2012, the press reported that Scarlett Johansson, weight, height and other parameters which are still impressive men all over the world, living in informal marriage with journalist Romain Doriakom French origin.A year later, the couple announced their engagement.In March 2014 it was announced that Scarlett is five months pregnant.The tabloids are full of reports about the imminent wedding of the actress.


their appearance is an actress with irony.Scarlett Johansson, whose growth does not exceed 163 cm, believes that she has a lot of disadvantages.She is not afraid to tell the press about the shortcomings in its appearance.He complains of cellulite, stoop, ever bitten nails and a hoarse voice.He declares about his propensity to be upset at the slightest provocation and absolute maladjustment to the everyday life.Perhaps the style of Scarlett Johansson, her ability to pick the right outfit allow us to make these defects imperceptible?In any case, the pages of the tabloids actress looks attractive and self-confident person.

She willingly shares the secrets of her beauty.Says that much time in the shower, daily uses peeling not only for individuals but also for the entire body.Scarlett is not able to be collected in five minutes.She has a whole collection of tonal matting powders and creams.She loves bright makeup, evening puts a lot of shadows on the eyelids and thick lashes with black ink colors to make the look more expressive.She adores brightly-red lipstick and actively by it enjoys.Scarlett Johansson, whose weight is always the norm (56 kg), admits that she loves to eat and hates fitness.However, she has to engage in sports, to maintain excellent form.