Out of time and age: The evolution of children's favorite goodies

Our brightest and most powerful emotions - from childhood.It was then that everything happens for the first time and turns into warm memories.First desserts and goodies take pride of place in our memory, and loved ones are many flavors of childhood, but especially - ice cream!

According to estimates delis, ice cream produced worldwide has more than 4 thousand years.With the passage of time has changed its formula, format and new tastes, but love this dessert only grew.

Ice evolved - to improve its taste and production technology.From the frozen juice which was served in the homes of wealthy Chinese, chips and ice milk with berries, common in Kievan Rus, it was gradually transformed and acquired new forms.Increasingly, it began to appear at a reception in the royal palaces of the XVIII century.For example, the Empress Catherine II liked to entertain his guests with this unusual dessert at that time.

Time passed, and the ice cream is gradually becoming more accessible, and get even more popular.The turning point in the history of ice cream was the opening in 1851, the plant in Baltimore, which was released the first production batch of dessert.Since ice has given rise to a new industry, and has become a cult product that is now loved by children and adults.

However, with growing production volumes and quality requirements.There were new standards and regulations.Today, in addition to the classic varieties of ice cream it appeared, which takes into account the most basic principles of child nutrition - namely, it combines with the useful qualities of taste.

For example, in the manufacture of ice cream MAX, a system of internal regulations of the manufacturer with respect to the manufacture of products that can be consumed by children.These requirements are even more stringent than the existing Russian legislation.As part of the ice cream MAX balanced composition of sugars (and less than 110 calories per serving), but the taste is not less bright thanks to natural ingredients and fruit juice.