"Desert Flower" - the book and film of the same name

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«Desert Flower" - a film that was filmed in 2009 by the eponymous book.Model, actress and social activist has decided to reveal the truth about what is really going on with the women in her home country.All this you will learn from the Waris Dirie."Desert Flower" is an autobiographical book about the life of a little girl, and in the future - the world-famous model, who was born in Somalia in 1965 in a family of nomads.Waris warm talks about his family, especially his mother.In the girl's parents had 12 children.In the desert, very harsh conditions - difficult to get food, and the water and generally do not have to dream, as it can be to wait sometimes for several months.Therefore, it survived only six children, among them - Desert Flower, Waris.

When she was 5 years old, she was subjected to cruel ritual of female circumcision, which forever changed her life.After this girl for a long time to recover, but even now she admits that she was unable to find any physical or moral healing.

According to the laws of the desert girls were married off very early and was lucky to marry his daughter to a rich, because as the price of a wife he could provide her family a comfortable existence for a long time.At the age of 13, Waris fled from a family.She was afraid to be married to an old man who gave as payment for her father five camels.For a long time wandering in the desert, suffering from hunger and thirst, she finally gets to the city, where her sister lives.Waris went to live with her, fulfilling his bread using it at home.

later, did not get along with her sister, the girl began to serve in the house of their relatives aunts, and then a very influential relatives took her to London to Waris helping his wife to deal with family responsibilities.I came to this city it with the help of forged documents, which stated that she was not 13, and 18 years.Uncle she worked as many as 4 years.When Waris was 16 years old, she noticed a photographer by the name of Malcolm Fairchild, who encouraged her to become a model.Thinking that way he wants to get from it something she refused.Photographer More than once offered her the job, and even came to her aunt, but was refused.Therefore, they will be able to work with only 2 years old when she was still dare to accept his offer.After 2 months of Waris was invited to the casting model agency in Crawford, after which not only took the main part of the models, but also gave the first order - filming for the Pirelli calendar.After signing the contract Waris, who previously lived in a dormitory with students and pensioners, and worked as a cleaner in the "McDonald's", I began to receive £ 500 for each day of filming.Thereafter, the contract she starred in the James Bond film.But, contrary to the first success in a career lull.Waris was left without a livelihood and was threatened with deportation to Somalia.She wanted to provide a comfortable old age the mother, so the return is not part of her plans.The girl enters a marriage with an American named Nigel.In the United States was waiting for her success.She received a lot of orders and has collaborated with well-known companies.Gradually her face increasingly began to appear on the covers of fashion magazines that brought her worldwide fame.After some time, Waris again arrived in Somalia, and she was able to see his mother.In the book "Desert Flower" describe all the emotions experienced heroine at a meeting with her mother.

day, become delirious in a jazz bar, where she met her love - drummer Dana, whom later married.Through time, the couple had a son, who was named Aliki, which means "old lion".

«Desert Flower" - a book that is striking in its sincerity and penetrating.This is the story of a strong woman hard way, which found happiness, but was never able to heal the emotional wound.Later, the book "Desert Flower" was filmed, so that people can see what is still happening in some countries, and fought with it.