The exhibition "The Soviet childhood" (Museum of Moscow): excursion into the past

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Children and adults live in different worlds.For those who are older, the priority of the work and participation in public life, talk about politics, taking care of the future.Do kids - toys, swings, "Mothers and Daughters," "Cat and Mouse", trikes, first words, and "Primer".

Childhood peacetime remains childhood, regardless of the political system, ideological state, the material conditions of the parents and other circumstances essentially important for the older generation.

about bygone Soviet Union can respond in different ways, but hardly anyone would argue with the fact that children born in the 60-80-ies of XX century, still been happy.

For all who are nostalgic for the departed years or just interested in the history of a great country, until March 15, the exhibition ¬ęSoviet childhood" (Museum of Moscow).

idea Exposure

event was organized by Vladimir Kuznetsov, Irina Karpatova and artist Aleksey Kononenko.Curators have aimed not just to gather under one roof, toys, books, household items the Soviet era, and to show that the life of the young citizens of the USSR was intense and bright.


in the Soviet Union of the young child said that he was "under the table foot walks."Similarly, it has been issued and the exhibition "The Soviet childhood."Moscow City Museum at the entrance has been decorated in such a way that visitors actually passed under the table.Having overcome the small obstacle, children and adults found themselves in the realm of toys.Guests are greeted plastic Pinocchio and Crocodile Gena, celluloid dolls, dolls, strollers, children's sewing machine, tricycles, pedal cars to drive.

Crystal dream of Soviet children - rovers with remote control, the plates on which painted plastic sticks, board games with an electric lamp, toy tea sets for cause nostalgic memories and joy to all visitors.

main holiday kids across the country was the New Year.The houses decked trees, nurseries, schools and extracurricular institutions invited to the merry mornings.Christmas tree with toys Soviet era and demonstrated to visitors.Reminiscent of a time machine exhibition "The Soviet childhood."Museum of Moscow at a time back in the past.

The vast majority of children of the Soviet Union went to bed after the television program "Good night, kids!", Were brought up on the films "Old Hottabych", "The Adventures of Electronics", and so on. D. The visitors had the opportunity to see the legendary Fil, Piggy, Stepashka and Karkusha, watch cartoons and films, shot in the Soviet Union.

In a separate hall simulated classroom.Desks with hinged lids, pioneer ties, pins, drums, horns, school uniforms, notebooks with blotting paper - a part of life that can not be forgotten.

Part of the exhibition space have issued in the form of a city apartment era of socialism.Every thing, be it gloves with elastic, plastic truck or a chamber pot under the bed, a real owners, keeps the energy of the Soviet people.Those whose childhood and youth in the Soviet Union, allowed to feel the special atmosphere, the spirit of the era of the exhibition "The Soviet childhood."Moscow City Museum prodemosntriroval all visitors, how happy were the children of the former Soviet Union.

subject of special concern of the Soviet teachers and parents had leisure young citizens of a large country, in many cities of the Soviet Union worked Theatre for Young Audiences in theaters staged children's sessions and lectures, and their abilities and talents of children developed in Houses of children's creativity.Visitors had the opportunity to see the famous Puppet Theatre Obraztsov, Moscow Circus clown suits, other props.

organizers of the event offered to try cooked Soviet GOST candy, cookies, ice cream and drink "Pinocchio."

Exhibition "Soviet childhood": reviews

main impression of those who toured the exhibition was nostalgia.Frequent statements like "And these sleds I bought my child in kindergarten to carry", "The same service was our neighbors" or "collars and cuffs to school every Sunday to sew the dress - the horror."

for today's children in Moscow exhibition "The Soviet childhood" - history, vivid fragments of life of mothers and fathers.In the era of the gastrointestinal tract, televisions, computers, pens, the Internet is very curious to know what was meant blotter how impatiently waiting for a ten-minute cartoon on TV vacuum tube on legs like dreaming about a new machine or the doll says "Mommy."

as drawbacks exposure of reviewers say unprofessional organization of space and place in a large wardrobe.

Children of the Soviet era: who are they?

Those who were born in the 90s, one might get the impression that their mom and dad all the time go system, sang songs and dreamed seriously grow builders of communism.In fact, the ideology rarely penetrated into the life of the Soviet people.The kids also went to kindergarten, playing with dolls and cars, quarrel, reconciled, cried, laughed and dreamed.Teens and young declarations of love, reflected on life, kept diaries, went to the construction crew and potatoes.

The Soviet children were not even half of what is available to children today (free children's channels, rest in foreign resorts, newfangled gadgets, and so on. D.).However, boys and girls of the country of the Soviets were happy because they had loving parents, friends, a variety of toys and visible confidence in the future.It is this simple and carefree children's life in the Soviet Union demonstrated at the exhibition "The Soviet childhood."