How to make a "marble" eggs for Easter with their own hands?

Easter - a wonderful holiday.An indispensable companion flavored cake on the festive table is colored eggs.Share them or treat - a good sign, because they are the wishes of happiness and prosperity.

interesting way to

Modern masters come up with many of the most unusual and very exciting ways on how to dye eggs for the holiday.The popularity of this spring steel is "marble" eggs for Easter.Such an unusual name Krashenki (namely the so-called popularly painted eggs) received for its proximity to the natural materials.Achieve a unique color can be some pretty informative ways.The best thing to do in such a case of children.

first method of coloring

marble How to paint eggs for Easter with the help of the purchase of paint, experience tells a young naturalist.Also, the recommendations on this subject can be seen on a bag of paint.First of all, it is to determine the number of eggs necessary, because thanks to this it will be possible to calculate the right amount of dye.It is better to opt for the more optimal color natural marble colors.Then Krashenki will be expanded "kaleidoscope" around the cake.

To get the "marble" eggs for Easter, will also have to be reserved stout piece of gauze, a few spoonfuls of rice, selective onion skins, scissors and thread.

first stage

First neat gauze is cut into the required number of squares (15x15 cm), so each marble miracle will be awarded attention.To
marble blotches get the most accurate, you must chop onion peel.The optimum would be no more than pieces of square centimeters.So it will be more convenient to stack.

to "marble" eggs for Easter shone like a stone, it is necessary to take care of rice and husk.In a bowl with husks need to pour a little water and rice to do the same trick.Such manipulations will help to fine particles stick to the cereal shell and effectively imprinted on it during cooking.

next step

roll in rice husk and egg must be carefully wrapped in a layer of gauze, tightly fasten the tail of the material and cut it with scissors.Snug fit provides very strong touch of rice husk and shell.Painting in this way would lead to overflows and multilayered natural marble.Next
gauze bundles must be placed in a deep pan (you can use a ladle if you plan to create a small number of "marble eggs' at Easter) and cook for about 40 minutes, so that all the products have reached the availability and stained using the husk.

third stage

Now you can safely get to the dye.Dilute powder is strictly on the recommendation of the manufacturer in order to get in the end quality solution.Crockery (glasses or mugs) is to place the most close to each other in order to optimize the process of painting.If the manufacturer needs to plant powder in hot water, it is necessary to satisfy the condition, but before dipping dye eggs to cool.

next stage will be the final coloring products - convolution must be lowered into the solvent and wait about three - five minutes on each egg.Next gauze lumps removed exempted from tinsel and rinsed under running cold waters.

With zelenkoj

can do the same, "marble" Easter eggs with green paint.Color Krashenki get more intense and deep.For this version you'll need all the same equipment as in the previous tip, but it is necessary to replace the proven dyes brilliant green.The downside of this option obtain "marble" is a scarcity of eggs colors, but on the other hand they can beat the one-color design of the celebration.Green napkins and glasses perfectly counterbalance the holiday table.

process of creating a "marble" eggs

eggs must be pre-wetted generously roll in chopped onion peel and wrap in cheesecloth.Tighten gauze patches should be carefully to brilliant green uniform lay on the shell.

Next comes the brewing process.To the egg did not break the pattern and not burst at the wrong time, it is necessary to add the boiling water a tablespoon of salt quality.After that you can safely inject superspy - Zelenka.For a dozen Easter eggs, only one bottle for all it is worth to carry the dosage to the eye.

To protect yourself from falling in the hands of greenery, you must protect yourself with good rubber gloves, pan easy to wash off after painting.But his hands are "green" because more than one day.

zelenke Boil the eggs must be 10 minutes after boiling, and then you need to get convolution and unleash.The smaller is cut or milled husk, the brighter and expression will be a marble pattern.

completely safe way

Many curious moms refuse to be painted "marble" paint eggs for Easter, Zelenka is also included in the list of hazardous substances.In order to please the kids so interesting Krashenki not hurt their stomach, it is worth remembering his grandmother's recipes.For this we need the eggs have cooked a lot of husk and cotton fabric.How to make such a product?To get the marble overflow must be soaked in water of eggs impose husks and wrap the cloth several times.The more folds and bends the fabric, the more plausible will "marble."

interesting options

On the same basis it is possible to hold and coloring eggs speckled.Instead, it is necessary to impose a husk rice and eggs prepared tightly wrap with gauze.Cook them for about 45 minutes is necessary.After the draw is folding and rinse under cool little water.

How to get "marble" eggs for Easter, photos are presented in the paper, we have described.I would like to focus on one important point.Mainly notable nuance "marble" products is the addition of vegetable oil in a very intense coloring.Pouring oil into the dye, you must smooth movements stir the mixture, then dip it in the egg.Oil trace will be spread on the shell smaller spots.After drying, it is necessary to dip the egg into another color.So eggs made in the "marble" technique, acquire an extraordinary tide.

Cute pattern

Many umelitsy advise how to dye eggs for Easter with their own hands."Marble" and eggs in the peas - the most moving and original products.The first option we considered creation.And how to make the second pattern?To create eggs in peas need a special sticker on the basis of foil or double sided tape.Eggs should be thoroughly washed to paste these circles and dipped in a concentrated dye couple minutochek.This is followed by the shell to dry and then later remove the stickers (tape).That's all the product ready.


abundance of techniques and tools of modern hostesses produces the most colorful and structural variations of color for Easter eggs.Ancient customs, translated into modern, colorful way, helping to instill the kids love and respect for the holy festival.