Bank "Contact": customer reviews, location offices

JSCB "RUSSLAVBANK", created in the late 1990s, experts in the field of banking belong to the category of the oldest participants in the financial services market of the Russian Federation.At the beginning of 2015 Bank's regional network included more than 28 representatives.

Company Overview

JSCB "RUSSLAVBANK" is a universal financial institution.The main thing when working with clients - an individual approach, the solution of tasks in accordance with the needs of individuals and representatives of SMEs, contact the individual unit of the network.Such purposes poses a Bank "Contact".

Addresses of offices and representative offices of the financial institution, if desired, it is easy to find.However, it should be noted that information on some of the regional representative of the company, said the official website of the bank, is updated infrequently.In this regard, some customers visit the branch nearest to the address where you want the Bank "Contact" (Moscow), faced with a very unpleasant phenomenon - the office is no longer there.

most popular services of the bank "Contact»

The facility specializes in operations such as:

  • private lending;
  • sending and receiving remittances;
  • services to individuals and business owners;
  • work with the deposit accounts of the population;
  • issue plastic cards operating in the territory of Russia and beyond its borders;
  • service operations issued bank cards.

Turning to the "Contact Bank" can also take advantage of other services such as:

  • operations with bills;
  • depository operations;
  • remote banking services.

HQ location

main divisions of JSCB "RUSSLAVBANK" is located in the Russian capital.Bank "Contact" (Moscow) is engaged in the attraction of free funds individual deposits, credit and bill operations, sending and receiving remittances.

To find the head office of the bank at: 111049, Moscow, st.Don, 14, 2nd building.Telephone for information: 8 (495) 627-57-57.

Quality of Service offices, relating to the network "Contact Bank»

Guest book companies are quite diverse.Many customers the level of service the bank JSCB "RUSSLAVBANK" satisfied.The well is evaluated the quality of service of deposit operations (opening of deposits of physical persons).Customers are very satisfied with the interest rates on term deposits, which offers a "contact of the bank."

reviews with the sign "+" deserved workers of this financial institution.Many customers write about the attentive attitude and professionalism of the employees of the bank, the competence and efficiency of staff offices.

Features banking remittance

JSCB "RUSSLAVBANK" is known, above all, the system transfers with the same name.Payment CONTACT system was established in 1999.Such banking agents in Russia before it was not.The system transfers CONTACT, which does not require opening accounts to individuals, and to this day is considered one of the most simple, convenient and reliable banking systems.Let's try to figure out how to evaluate clients themselves translating "Contact".

Banks provide individuals to send money unaddressed almost all settlements of the Russian Federation.Get information on whether a particular bank carries out operations for sending and receiving such transfers, simply.Data contained in this official sources (online bank).Or you can just visit one of the nearby banks and ask the staff working in the operating room, the fact whether the company has an agreement with JSCB "RUSSLAVBANK" for the implementation of such transfers.Banks, producing and receiving payment of money by the "Contact", be sure to have ads with the logo of the payment system.

opinions transfer system CONTACT

course, not all customers are satisfied with the way the bank operates "Contact".Reviews meet and unflattering, they often come from the senders and recipients of funds, we were unhappy with the work of the payment system.The most frequently voiced by customers following the negative information about the bank:

  • delivery of money transfer to the former Soviet republics, as well as from neighboring countries to Russia has been too long.The money is paid to the recipient at once - many banks require their customers filing a provisional application for a certain amount of money in cash.
  • When sending remittances abroad for some of the addresses listed in the database of the payment system, there are only post offices and cash withdrawal outlets of the "Contact us" no.Therefore, the money to do not reach their destination, and the cost to the sender by the Commission is not refundable.
  • Unable to send the translation of the ruble of the Russian Federation to Ukraine, because this state banks refuse to work with the Russian currency.The sender will be asked to send the transfer in euros or dollars.
  • to refund transfer is possible only in the banking institution, which produces paperwork.Funds transferred through electronic terminals, will not be returned to the sender, as the payment device to only send payments and transfers.

JSCB "RUSSLAVBANK": features of the issuance of credit

What are the conditions of registration of loans in the "Contact Bank"?The loan is known - one of the main services provided by individuals and businesses.Currently, the Bank offers its customers many interesting programs.The loan will be able to receive any citizen of Russia at the age of 25 to 75 years.The obligatory requirement is the presence of residence or temporary registration in the region find the offices of the bank.Get all borrowers will be able to contact one of the offices "Contact Bank" provided that they have a certain length of service (general - not less than 12 months, the last place - at least 4 months).Will be able to get credit, and claimants who are retired, receiving pensions in the region around "contact of the bank."

loan of up to 600 thousand. Rubles can be issued very quickly - the same day the applicant's financial institution.The maximum term of the loan agreement is 60 months.The interest rate is set to the borrower individually.From the documents need only a passport.The rest of the paper is available on request (certificates proving stable income, and a photocopy of employment record).

to former borrowers of the bank: reviews with a "plus»

  • Borrowers have a great opportunity to increase the terms of the loan agreement, issued in JSCB "RUSSLAVBANK", as well as restructure the debt on loans to other financial institutions.The loan terms and conditions of the new obligations negotiated with the borrower individually.
  • small loans the bank can get even individuals who do not have Russian citizenship.Short-term loans in the amount of 10 to 30 thousand. Rubles issued with a passport, migration card and the document confirming the registration of the borrower (permanently or temporary) in the territory of our country.In addition, the client needs to confirm the fact of his employment.

to former borrowers of the bank: reviews with "minus»

  • Customers often complain about the SMS-mailing, which carries out the bank "Contact".Reviews negative nature also apply to employees of the company phone calls demanding the return of a non-existent debt.Numerous letters and customer complaints indicate that the bank does not comply with the law on the personal data of its customers.
  • provide information about credit products on its website strongly at odds with the real data on interest rates and other conditions of registration loans.
  • Not too responsible and solvent customers are faced with rudeness and boorishness loan officers, systematically calling them about making the next payment or repayment of the debt.
  • borrowers experiencing difficulties in paying the loan, as is quite difficult to find the points of payment network "Contact Bank" (Ufa).
  • Reviews say that the staff of these financial companies in a fairly rigid form imposed on customers of insurance services to various risks.

try to find out what they say about the work of this institution of its employees.Reviews

employees JSCB "RUSSLAVBANK" with a rating of "5»

Thankyou usually write employees who have reached any certain success at work in one of the offices, which are rich in the bank "Contact".Reviews allow these people to find out what everyone in the institution can achieve a good career and personal growth with decent pay.Many employees think they work in a good and friendly team.

Guide agencies also deserved a positive assessment.However, this time by 100% depends on exactly which office the person employed.

in financial companies allows to combine basic activities with their studies.No problem with the provision of leave and compensatory time off.Reviews

employees JSCB "RUSSLAVBANK" with a rating of "2»

quite different opinion from employees who have already left bank "Contact".Reviews of the bank reveals the following shortcomings.

  • When you interview a potential employee of the bank can not get reliable information about the conditions of their employment (place of work, payment due).
  • Quite often in the company happens layoffs supposedly "voluntarily" without payment of compensation.
  • Guide establishments without notifying workers makes them fall in wages, robs bank employees bonuses.Many employees believe that management should be softer to his subordinates - not to go too far with regard to penalties.

At the time of recruitment should be carefully acquainted with all points of the employment contract.

Call-Center Work Bank

Customers, faced with the problems of payment, trying to figure out the details of their interest banking transactions over existing telephone numbers.However, they can not get through, because these numbers are non-working.Those who are more fortunate are often faced with outright rudeness the Call-center employees.After hearing a certain phrase, such as "Submit Translation", a bank employee, switching to a different number, then the connection is simply interrupted.

Action eWallet "Track 24»

This type of service is an alternative to the many types of foreign purses and WebMoney Qiwi.The developer of electronic means of payment is the bank "Contact".User reviews

domestic purse indicate that the service is quite popular and in demand by our compatriots.Many are beginning to use it out of curiosity and then completely abandon other ways to pay for goods and services.In order to ensure maximum safety of operations conducted with the use of "Track 24" should be to authenticate on the corresponding website.

Among the negative points: Internet clients say that is not easy to understand how, on which site should go when you want to take advantage of this means of payment.The fact that the online service "Track 24" and the payment system itself Contact information is placed at various sites.In addition, it is difficult to deal with the situation when the money sent by the client does not fall into that account, which must be credited as been established relationship with a bank is not very good.

It should be noted that this is not a complete list of services provided to individuals and business owners Bank "Contact".Reviews of deposits, credit transactions, transfers and cash services to help potential clients make the right decision.But do not forget that many people - so many opinions, so the choice is yours!