Day of Unity of Peoples of Belarus and Russia: history, particularly the strategic objectives

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The global political existence important aspect of peaceful relations is the unity of nations.It can include several countries but each this step will mean a lot.Russia has known a day of Unity of Belarus and Russia.The importance of this event, consider further.

world inside, friendship outside

These states have always been fraternal.They are very similar in language and customs, which are laid in the Slavic tradition, reflected in the culture.Is it not enough for strong long-term friendship?

Day of Unity of Peoples of Belarus and Russia - is a tribute to the strong commitment of voluntary association of independent states.The main task that was put before their leaders, was to preserve the sovereignty, as well as a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.Naturally, the country has the right to conduct its own policy, but much more important, if the area will find common ground.Belarus and Russia for a long time have similar views on many issues.And, of course, sign joint projects, are committed to the implementation of the general trends in the industry, the educational sector, the sector of the economy.

stability for the future

Many political analysts agree that the Day of Unity of Belarus and Russia in the further destiny of each state.Tight integration within the single Union State provided them with stability and security on many external factors.The union concerned and those for whom it was created in the first place.Citizens of both countries have hope for prosperity and well-being.

What day of Unity of the Peoples of Belarus and Russia connects the two states?Relations were officially documented in 1996.First Community was formed, and after the Union of Russia and Belarus.In honor of this momentous political events separate circulation The Central Bank issued a commemorative coin.

cooperation covers all

union construction has not always been successful.But now, after many years, its results are physically tangible.Progress is noticeable in trade and economic relations, the beginning remains a priority.Policies aimed at the outside, is supported by both states.Strengthened inter-regional relations, improved defense sphere.For a long time, special attention is focused on the Eurasian Union, the implementation of which is coming to the final stage.

traditionally celebrate Day of Unity of Russia and Belarus.In recent years, interest in the event a little weak, but a series of celebrations held consistently.After all, it is - an additional reason for the meeting of heads of states, to summarize, develop a work plan for the future, specify the most important issues on which decision should pay particular attention.The conference was attended by many of the integration bodies, members of the legislature, scientific and artistic elite, and, of course, is the youth, which is interested in the future.Often the official part of the holiday is diluted by a number of concerts and cultural events.

experience gained over the years

In 2014, relations in the framework agreement reached his majority.For eighteen years the two countries to work closely with one voice declare traversed the stage of growing up.Ahead - the entry into a new world, rapidly changing over time.Day of Unity of Peoples of Belarus and Russia is particularly significant not only for these countries.The signed agreement serves an example of successfully implemented political project for the Eurasian community.Taken in a difficult post-Soviet commitment prove viability and maturity of our countries.His head repeatedly noted that the work in a given pace will only accelerate the mutually beneficial integration stages.

two great nations - two sisters

Traditionally congratulations Unity of the Peoples of Belarus and Russia addressed in both directions.They are often referred to achieve a balance in the social security rights of citizens of the two countries.It is worth noting the possibility to choose their residence and the same freedom of movement as well as to take stock of cooperation in many areas.Special pride of the economy, culture and science, security and defense, social policy, which continuously operates a number of projects.

When is the day of Unity of the Peoples of Belarus and Russia?The number and the month of the event - on 2 April.Maybe the date was not chosen by chance, near and far away from the other, no less important holiday for our country - Independence Day (Russia Day) is celebrated on 12 June, has for 23 years.

its history are united, we are invincible enemies

At the last festival, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that Belarus remains a reliable and peaceful mood neighbor.However, the citizens of the two countries form a strong link in the social and legal state.

In reply, Alexander Lukashenko wished the two countries to go through the tough drifts, and stick together, rebuffing hidden enemies of Slavic unity.

expressed hope for further fruitful relations of neighboring countries, it should be added that today placed the main strategic priorities.All of them are aimed at achieving the most ambitious and large-scale tasks.